Day: July 30, 2009

Live at Gotham’s 2009 lineups, ticket info

Comedy Central will tape its fourth season of Live at Gotham in August. That's good news, not just for comedy fans who want to see some new stand-up comedians, but also, and perhaps more importantly, for the up-and-coming performers getting their first Comedy Central credits. Would you like to know who these comics are? Would you like to see the tapings live and for free? If you're going to be in New York City during the tapings (Aug. 6-9, 2009), then that's a possibility. From my friends in comedy blogging at Comedy Central Insider, here are the instructions to get tickets to see Live at Gotham live in person: PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST LIVE IN THE NYC AREA AND BE 21 YEARS OR OLDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR TICKETS. There will be no drink minimum at the club that night (drinks are available for purchase during the show) and as always tickets are complimentary for this event. Email with the following information in both the subject line and body of your email: 1) GOTHAM, 2) Your full name, 3) Your email address, 4) Your phone number(s), 5) Which show or shows you can attend. If you can attend any of the shows put "ANY SHOW," 6) Note that you can get a maxmium of 2 tickets. Example: GOTHAM/Chris Rock/ 555-1212 /ANY SHOW/2 tickets. Also note that you cannot...

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10 Movies So Bad, They’re Funny: Is “Troll 2” really the Best Worst Movie?!

Of the thousands of feature films produced every year, there are many that aim squarely for our collective funny bones. Some hit the target, such as this year's The Hangover. Others miss the mark, for one reason or another, and don't get widespread appeal (Land of the Lost; I Love You, Beth Cooper; Miss March). But every so often, a film comes along that — whether it's a casing of trying too hard, or clearly not trying hard enough — fails on all levels in a way that actually makes you want to watch it over and over again. Usually, these were not meant to be comedies. It just "worked" out that way. Here in New York City, Rooftop Films is "celebrating" the awfulness that was Troll 2 with two nights of special screenings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tonight, they screen the actual 1990 "horror" movie, Troll 2; and Friday, they'll screen the documentary Best Worst Movie, which explored the fandom that has sprung up around the film and tracked down the people who were a part of Troll 2 in the first place. But is Troll 2 really the "best worst movie" ever made? That's something that we can readily debate. Let's meet some of the other contenders… The Room (2003): Lindsay Robertson (late of Videogum, always at Lindsayism) has made quite the argument for Tommy Wiseau's opus, and you can the Videogum's...

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Preview: George Lopez’s “Lopez Tonight” on TBS; new HBO special

George Lopez was the talk of the TCA (Television Critics Association) press junket in California earlier this week, there to promote his entry into the late-night talk-show field, Lopez Tonight, which will air Monday-Thursday at 11 p.m. starting Nov. 9, 2009, on TBS. Previously, Lopez had talked up his TBS talk show in a March conference call with myself and others. Here's a clip from his pilot presentation: There's another clip that TBS screened for critics in which President Barack Obama gave Lopez his presidential seal of approval. Lopez also told the TCA that his show wouldn't have a desk, nor cue cards, nor even a regular monolgue, per se. He also promised to throw out other rules of late-night — the musical guest doesn't have to go last; audience members may be invited up to the panel; he wants to make sure it's a party more than anything else. In related news, Lopez continues to tour with his stand-up — he's in New Mexico tomorrow, followed by a week through Texas, culminating with the live broadcast of his special, Tall, Dark & Chicano, from San Antonio on Aug. 8, via HBO. And no matter what George Lopez site or video you hit upon, you're going to hear the familiar chords of "Low Rider." So I hope you like that! Anyhow. Here's an UPDATED promo clip from Lopez selling his...

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