Day: July 29, 2009

When fans get tattoos of their favorite comedians, the joke’s on them. Literally.

Hey, loyal readers and Googlers! I'm exhausted right now, so before I get to some more comprehensive reviews and analysis from Montreal, I thought I'd share with you something silly to look at and forward to your friends. Al Yankovic sent out a Tweet this morning showcasing one of his favorite fan tattoos, and that got me seeking out all sorts of other tats of comedians and comedic actors that fans have permanently inked to their bodies. Freaky, but true. Some of them, even freakier freak shows. I posted a photo list of about two dozen such comedian tattoos over at The Laugh Track. Pictured here is someone's undying love of Paul Reubens as Pee Wee Herman....

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Jimmy Carr brings his dry wit from the U.K. to Montreal’s JFL, Conan’s Tonight Show

Before I left for Montreal, a comedian told me that walking the streets of London with Jimmy Carr is quite the experience, seeing as fans tend to stop Carr quite often to tell him how funny he is. Carr doesn't yet have that same fame in the United States, though it's more our fault than his. Despite doing two half-hour Comedy Central specials (the most recent of the two airing this spring) and several appearances on Conan and Leno, the clever Carr remains a bit of mystery to us Americans. Why the mystery? Jimmy Carr provided one of the stand-out performances in the John Cleese-less Britcom Gala at Montreal's Just For Laughs a week ago, and also opened up for Louis CK twice (where he met a rowdier, albeit still welcoming crowd) with his dark, dry wit. Carr flew straight from Montreal to Los Angeles after the fest to tape a five-minute set last night for the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. To me, it's funny to watch the crowd try to play catch-up on Carr's punchlines. Also: how they're split on his jokes about politics that open the set, but really eat up his more sexual material — which must have had Carr skirting the line with NBC's standards and practices censors. He did take out tags on one joke about women's breasts, and seemed to change another line...

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