Day: October 31, 2008

When they were young: Sarah Silverman on Community Auditions

If you saw Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, then you already know that Sarah Silverman appeared as one of Kimmel’s guests, and it was their first time together on the TV since they had broken up and gotten back together. So they made some awkward panel chat to let us all in on the joke. Which led to a lot of discussion of Silverman’s childhood interest in musical theater, playing Annie at 11 in New Hampshire, and her early TV performance on the Boston show, Community Auditions, in 1985. Yet another twist in this comedy duo’s ongoing surprise video sessions. Relive that all here (you can also watch full episodes on ABC’s video...

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Harry Shearer brings the merry band of pranksters to Tribeca

Harry Shearer and his band, The High Value Detainees, will perform their first New York City concert Saturday, Nov. 1, at the new 92YTribeca. Shearer gave new interviews to Gothamist and New York magazine. They both focus on the music and Shearer’s politics. But for my money, as a journalist in the comedy business, Shearer has provided some fascinatingly funny stuff with his access to raw footage from TV news feeds on My Damn Channel. Shearer’s "Found Objects" series shows you how TV news anchors such as Katie Couric and Dan Rather have acted when they thought the cameras weren’t rolling, as well as some titters courtesy of Mike Huckabee and Ann Coulter. His most recent effort, The Final Silent Debate, culling together the many moments in which Barack Obama and John McCain had to wait for their on-camera cues....

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Looking for funny Halloween videos?

Yes, dear readers and lovers of laughter, tis the season to be Halloweening…so, what. You want to see something funny that’s in costume or something? has determined these are the 13 funniest Halloween videos on the Web. And three of them feature stand-up comedians: Patton Oswalt, Greg Behrendt and Larry David. Or why don’t you just visit Funny or Die today and check out the home page’s "editorial picks." If you’re visiting after Halloween, you’ll have to take that extra step of typing "Halloween" into the search field. I know, I know. So much work for your typing fingers. But if you’re looking for a comedian talking about what it’s like to be an adult on Halloween, well, the first bit that sprung to my mind was Lewis Black. Candy corn? This YouTube clip, which is all audio, btw, will refresh your memories…(and since it’s Lewis Black, I must remind you that his language probably is not safe for...

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