While you wait to see if I’ll break down and break down the funniest reporter contest, let me first get you up to speed on the New York City Underground Comedy Festival’s "Emerging Comics Contest," in which comedians who are not yet well known compete to become better known as judges put their know-how to the test. I’m not even sure I know what that means, but then again, what does it mean for a comic to emerge? Does it mean he or she has matured or become ripe with age? Does it mean he or she is ready for more exposure? I can tell you that Reese Waters is emerging as a newer NYC comedian to watch, since he not only won this contest, made the finals in the ongoing So You Think You Can Roast challenge from the Friars Club and won the Carolines March Madness contest earlier this year. Runner-up Jamie Lee could be the next comedian to emerge from within the belly of the industry beast that is Comedy Central (and her day job as a publicist), so that’s some feat of emergence right there. Ed Murray finished third, which means, what, exactly? For now, he’s just merging? Until I find out the answers to those pressing questions, congrats to all.