Day: October 10, 2008

30 Rock films in Brooklyn Heights

A long day and night of filming of the Emmy-winning comedy 30 Rock wrapped here tonight in Brooklyn Heights, otherwise known as home to The Comic’s Comic, which gave me more than an excuse to get out of HQ and enjoy the gorgeous day and even more beautiful surroundings. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey were on the scene for several scenes, as were special guest stars Peter Dinklage and Salma Hayek. I won’t reveal any potential plot spoilers. I will say they filmed in the early afternoon in the northern reaches of Cadman Plaza Park, then headed to the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge, and spent the evening on a sidewalk along Henry Street just north of Orange Street. NBC confirmed today that Hayek would appear as a potential love interest of Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy, and Hayek looked stunning in a red dress, although it must be said that Hayek looks stunning in just about anything, and even more so in nothing, and the unseasonably warm temps and sunny skies meant she had a guy employed to hold an umbrella over her between shots. How can I get that job?! Dinklage seemed more at ease than anyone in wandering outside of his trailer and walking his dog, and for a little person, such a big badge on his suit late at night? That’s comedy, people. The third season...

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Freak Dance Fridays in Hollywood

People who know me know I love me some dancing as much as I do the comedy, so when Matt Besser from the Upright Citizens Brigade told me he was reviving Freak Dance, I said, how soon can I get to Hollywood? Oh. Not that soon. Darn it! But if you’re in the Southern California part of California, you can witness the musical theater extravaganza, Freak Dance: The Forbidden Dirty Boogaloo, at 8 p.m. Fridays at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood. The show enjoyed a three-month sold-out run in the spring. Here is a lovingly elaborate choreographed video to pique your interest....

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Behind the scenes of SNL’s Weekend Update Thursday

A fresh presidential debate and the first Weekend Update to get two commercial breaks easily filled Saturday Night Live‘s first live primetime edition of Weekend Update Thursday. They did not allow any photomographical operations inside the studio, and I resisted all temptations, so the best you get is this evidence to prove what shall follow. Things you didn’t see:Want to know how soon before broadcast they’re talking about what will make it to air? The final meeting in Lorne Michaels’ office broke up at 9:05 p.m., 25 minutes before the show went live, and after most of the audience had been seated.Jason Sudeikis is great at loosening the pre-show tension and warming up the audience. "Welcome to Thursday Night Live, I guess?!" he opened, assuring us of some "nice surprises" before letting folks know that the debate sketch would open the show, and apologizing to the folks in the "left-field" balcony seats for having the worst view of said sketch.We sat in "right-field" right above the presidential debate sketch, which meant we knew before the rest of the crowd and the viewers that Bill Murray would make a special appearance. Spoiler alert! Murray, already in NYC for a scheduled appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, only had a few blocks to travel after that taping to get to 30 Rock for SNL’s TNL.But first, before the show,...

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