Day: October 1, 2008

Montreal 2008 New Faces videos (and Masters, too)

The folks at Montreal’s Just For Laughs uploaded videos last week from its 2008 collection of comedians participating in the New Faces and Masters showcases, so you can finally see what I saw this summer. Rather than bombard you with two dozen embedded video clips, I’m going to embed one or two of my faves, then link to the rest. From the 2008 Masters, here is Todd Glass, and you’ll immediately wonder, what’s the rest of Larry Miller’s funny story introducing him, and who is Glass calling back in his jokes. Jokes, people! Jokes! Todd Glass is a comic’s comic, so always welcomed here (language NSFW): Todd Glass – Masters 2008 And from the 2008 New Faces, here is Sean Patton’s set that got industry people talking (language NSFW): Sean Patton – New Faces 2008 Everyone else after the jump. Other 2008 Masters in Montreal:Henry ChoBilly GardellCathy LadmanHenry PhillipsHal SparksThea Vidale Other 2008 New Faces in Montreal:Nate BargatzeTrevor BorisJeff DyeVanessa FractionErik GriffinAnjelah JohnsonKenny JohnsonJamie KilsteinMo MandelMichael PalascakChelsea PerettiIra ProctorTu RaeMalik SanonIliza ShlesingerSeaton SmithBrendon WalshChuck WatkinsHarris...

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Kurt and Kristen’s lost Penelope videos lost no more

Some performing duos have odder interpersonal dynamics than others. Take The White Stripes. Great band, but they wanted us to think they were brother and sister, when really, they used to be married…to each other. OK. Perhaps you’ve also wondered how Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler get along offstage, too. Are they lover lovers in addition to comedy lovers? They revealed Saturday at the inaugural Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival that they are, indeed, twins! "Not identical," they added. As part of the fest’s "best TV supporting cast members ever" showcase at The Bell House, a great new venue in the otherwise kinda quiet warehousey Gowanus Canal neighborhood of Brooklyn, Schaal and Braunohler talked about how they have used their twin status to work on gigs, and showed a clip of their appearance on Law & Order: SVU. It really was a family affair, as two of Schaal’s nephews hung out backstage, which means one of them may or may not be Braunohler’s son! Blogging promise kept. In related news, ahem, Super Deluxe has released three Penelope: Princess of Pets videos from their online exile in the past week. Let’s see what we have been missing…drunk birds and dirt bike turtles and killers, oh my! NSFW action ahead: After that, a new intro and a community play that gets into your head: After all of that, we could really use...

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