Day: September 25, 2008

Video: Mr. Shake Hands Man meets Bill Murray

Sarah Palin is on my TV right now pretending to know something about foreign policy and defending her decision not to have a passport, which means we need to put up a new silly video. Banzai! How long do you think Mr. Shake Hands Man can shake hands with a man named Bill Murray? I’m guessing a long time… Mr. Shake Hands Man 2 – Bill MurrayUploaded by...

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David Letterman bashes John McCain

On last night’s program, David Letterman really let loose on Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate for president, for bailing out on the last minute on his show…even more so when McCain hadn’t rushed back to D.C. at all, but merely gave an appearance to another CBS personality in Katie Couric. Here is one brief snippet from last night’s...

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Blogging the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival (finale postscript)

Here were your final results from the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival contest, decided last weekend… 1. Dwight Slade ($5,000); 2. Andrew Norelli ($2,500); 3. Myq Kaplan ($1,000); 4. Dave Waite ($300); 5. Baron Vaughn ($300); 6. Joe List ($300); 7. Rob O’Reilly ($300); 8. Mario DiGiorgio ($300) How did this happen? Well, let’s examine the particulars. The Cutler Majestic Theatre in Boston didn’t have its usual packed audience — my memory tells me that festival organizer Jim McCue (who hosted the finals) had a sure-fire headliner in past years with Lewis Black (whom McCue sometimes opens for on tour) to fill the seats, and without that (The Smothers Brothers were the biggest name on Saturday night), the venue didn’t even open the balcony. So you’ve got comedians used to smaller, more intimate club stages moving up to a big theater stage, except they’re playing to a half-house (essentially). So you’re playing to the orchestra level and a mezzanine. How do you translate your jokes to a mezzanine? There’s that to consider. Also, they put the judges in the Muppet seats (as judge/honoree Steve Sweeney remarked) above the stage and near the speakers, where the acoustics were, well, terrible. As for the performances themselves, I’m not surprised in the slightest at the top three — Slade, Norelli and Kaplan performed at a higher level than the other five finalists. Those...

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