Month: May 2008

Last Comic Standing 6: Hollywood and Houston

So I’m at my college reunion, thinking to myself, is it wrong for me to miss the Hollywood episode of season six of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, can it wait until I get back on Sunday or not, or would it be more wrong, as in wronger, to leave the reunion to watch this comedy cavalcade? About five minutes into watching it now, I’m wondering if it might have been a better idea to pretend this episode did not exist. Not that I’m not entertained at times, or that I get to see some faces of funny people I’ve seen and crossed paths with before, mind you. It’s just…well…good decision to air New York City first, even though Hollywood auditioned first. Our celebrity judges are Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez from NBC’s The Office, and Angela is just adorable! First comic they let us see is Ron G, and after a predictable bit that combines relationship humor with sports, he gets a callback, followed by a quote from Oscar about how he doesn’t like predictable jokes. So there. Dana Eagle is next and makes Angela LOL and makes Oscar growlOL, so she’s good for tonight, too. Then…a guy with a house on his head who, over and over again, swears he doesn’t want to be a comic. We get it. Go away. What’s Melissa Tracy holding in her other...

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Book Expo features Lewis Black, John Hodgman

Book Expo America proves how reading is fun-damental once again this weekend in Los Angeles, and funny people Lewis Black and John Hodgman are helping demonstrate that with live appearances. Black performs Saturday night, while Hodgman presides over an author breakfast on Sunday. They’re part of a fresh wave of reading material for us all to enjoy. Chelsea Handler has been riding high on the bestselling charts all month with her latest series of essays, while the surviving brothers of Chris Farley have an insightful (albeit sometimes naturally hyperbolic) look at his career. Why don’t you pick up a book and start reading? <A HREF="">

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Fred Simmons and The Foot Fist Way

Late Night with Conan O’Brien is rebroadcasting the odd show earlier this year that featured a segment with "Fred Simmons" demonstrating his foot fist way, and Will Ferrell also was on that show. Coincidence? Not really, and even more so not really really really tonight, as The Foot Fist Way debuts in cinemas this weekend. So here are some clips from star Danny McBride to promote the film, courtesy of Ferrell’s Funny or Die. My Conan Apperance on NSFW clips after the jump. I Help People Who Do Drugs on I’ll Help you be less Fat on Help yourself keep a man on I’m Dating this Chick on...

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Gregg Gethard’s “mortifying” TV tale

This story from comedian Gregg Gethard about his adolescent TV appearance on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego sounds like the kind of thing they’d love to talk about at the nationwide storytelling series, Mortified (next NYC show is June 2 at Comix!), even if Gethard’s own monthly Philadelphia series is called Bedtime Stories. Either way, have fun in the way back machines! Thanks to Comic Vs. Audience for relaying...

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Comic Strip Live’s “world record” marathon: June 3-5

I wrote the story in this week’s Time Out NY about the Comic Strip Live‘s upcoming bid to set a Guinness World Record for longest stand-up comedy show with a 50-hour marathon that begins at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 3. Quotes from Dave Attell and Judah Friedlander. Hundreds of comedians taking part. Should be fun times. Expect The Comic’s Comic to have the complete report on this next...

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