Day: January 11, 2008

Behind the CCP: Dan Cummins

The 2008 season of Comedy Central Presents begins tonight with back-to-back half-hours from Stephen Lynch and Dan Cummins. I was at the Cummins taping (which airs at 10:30 p.m. tonight) and will be most interested to see how it edits — he didn’t go over completely well with the audience, started some jokes over, titled his jokes post-punchline. And he came out after the initial set to redo the title for his "domestic violence" joke, thanking standards and practices. Somewhere in my notes, I wrote, "Lazy eye? Stupid heat." Months later, I have no idea what that means. So now I’m extra curious to watch his half-hour. It was stupidly hot in August in New York City when they taped the CCPs. But I don’t think I’d write that down during his set. And here is a clip. From a different joke. Where people laughed. Hooray. Laughter. Cue the clip. UPDATED: OK. Watching the special, I realized a few things. First, my handwriting is awful. It was "stupid heart," not "stupid heat," and it refers to one of Cummins’ closing bits. Second, you hear the audience differently live (or even more from the green room) than you do when producers and editors get finished with the broadcast, and also, for a half-hour on Comedy Central, you boil a set down to 20-22 minutes. Third, when Cummins redid his "domestic...

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Daily Show correspondents

While NBC openly battles with the WGA over late-night writing duties, Comedy Central has taken a slightly more subtle tack with A Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Although, of course, even while Stewart says he’s simply reacting to the photos and videos that pop up onscreen, someone is writing for the show. And in the past couple of days, the correspondents have crept back into the picture. I can understand John Oliver’s excuse. On Tuesday, he said he had to show up to keep his work visa valid else he’d get deported back to Britain. Last night, we saw correspondents Aasif Mandvi, Rob Riggle and Jason Jones, too. If they’re truly improvising and showing up as actors, not writers, that’s allowable, I suppose, though still tricky. There’s also a full-fledged segment report from Oliver. Examine for...

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