Day: January 10, 2008

ECNY Awards voting deadlines!

Today is the final day for open voting for the ECNY Awards, which used to stand for Emerging Comics of New York, but now just is ECNY to honor other kinds of comedians, sort of how KFC decided it was much more than merely Kentucky Fried. The awards ceremony is Jan. 28 at Comix. And the show promises to be a hoot. Jon Friedman hosts. Look for live performances and pre-taped magic, and for a sneak peek, I caught up with ECNY’s producers as they got some of the nominees on camera. So I got them getting them on camera. Here’s a fun snippet with The Apple Sisters… ECNY The Apple SistersUploaded by thecomicscomic Who will be getting your votes? Perhaps more importantly, who’ll get my votes? I’m on the "Industry Committee," which means not only do I get until Jan. 20 to place my votes, but also that the Industry Committee’s votes count for half of the total — perhaps they got that concept from Dancing With The Stars, in which the judges get 50% of the say, the audience the other 50% through call-in votes. Since I still have some time before I fill out my ballot, perhaps you can help make the case for your favorites or get me to take a second look at someone I may have overlooked. As it stands, my thoughts are…...

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Alas, comedy fests in 2008

We may not have Aspen this winter, but we still have Aspen. You follow? Allow me to explain. After years of rumoring to do so, HBO finally pulled out of Aspen and its sponsorship of the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, the nation’s main event for the comedy industry to scout new talent and pay tribute to the best in the funny business. That left many wondering whether anyone would enter the scene and fill the void left behind by HBO. Would there be a U.S. comedy festival? Or would we have to make do with Montreal? Well, neither of those questions have been answered quite yet. But we will have opportunities to gather and make merry, starting this weekend in San Francisco. SF Sketchfest: The San Francisco Comedy Festival opens tonight with a variety show and party hosted by Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal, and featuring Aimee Mann, Paul F. Tompkins, Todd Barry and Rhys Darby. That fest runs through Jan. 27 with several big events that suggest it’s more than just a fest. If anyone wants to fly me out there and offer me a place to stay, I’d be much obliged! Next weekend (Jan. 16-19) marks the return of the South Beach Comedy Festival, sponsored by Comedy Central, with headliners Louis CK, Kathy Griffin, Katt Williams, Stephen Lynch, Jeff Dunham, Susie Essman, Andres Lopez and Dave Attell....

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John Kerry already taking credit for Obama

Just got an email from John Kerry, yes the U.S. Sen. John Kerry from Massachusetts who couldn’t figure out how to beat President George W. Bush in an election four years ago, and he wants us all to vote for Barack Obama. Which means bad news for Obama, right? Am I right? Ladies? Ahem. Anyhow. This is more comedic on an unintentional level, too, but I wanted to include this quote from the email I got today which Kerry proclaims: "I’m proud to have helped introduce Barack to our nation when I asked him to speak to our national convention, and there Barack’s words and vision burst out." And this is when I type it’s time for a change. To a funnier post. Let’s get to...

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