Day: August 6, 2007

Tracy Morgan, at Carolines

Anyone who went to see Tracy Morgan this past weekend at Carolines had to notice the sign by the ticket podium that warned of extremely adult and potentially offensive material. The sign for the 30 Rock star should’ve read: Warning! Crazy funny comedy ahead. No, really. He’s crazy. Not sure how much his sobriety plays into this (more on that soon enough), but it seems as though Morgan has tapped into a completely uninhibited part of himself that, while getting him into trouble offstage, has given his TV career new life. After about 50 minutes of graphic sex talk that had audience members blushing and laughing, he took a drink from his Evian bottle and the tone shifted. "I can’t drink alcohol no more, but I can still guzzle!" he said. Morgan then showed off his ankle bracelet to roaring crowd approval. "Yeah, they got me on the Lindsay Lohan program!" He then apologized to the audience, saying he knew his second DUI would land him in serious trouble. "Thanks for coming out…because I’ve been f—ing up this year." After some jokes about his arrest — the cop "gave me the line test and I kept stepping on his shoe" — he confessed that his arrest came just two nights before he was supposed to light the tree at Rockefeller Center. But his "drinking and speedballing" did him in....

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Chris Rock’s wit and wisdom, in development

I managed to catch Chris Rock during one of his impromptu unannounced club appearances at the Comedy Cellar this summer as he prepared for his first stand-up concert tour in almost four years. A lot of this stuff already was hitting very well, and here are some notes from a 90-minute set delivered late Sunday night (11:45 p.m. start) and early Monday morning (ending at 1:15 a.m.) at the Comedy Cellar, the latest jokes in development from Chris Rock…who opened with a Michael Vick reference…"I was just at home killing some dogs this week." On how much white people love animals: "You know how much better Seabiscuit’s life was than my grandfather’s?!" On Barry Bonds: "Who wouldn’t take a pill to do better at their jobs?…If you pay me Will Smith money, I’ll take needles in my anus right now!" "If Mickey Mantle had Advil, he would’ve hit more home runs.""Babe Ruth had 714 affirmative action home runs.""It’s not a sport without black people. It’s just a game. It’d be like, ‘I won the marathon, but no Kenyans were running.’" On trying to wipe your slate clean with one good deed, as they say of baseball by letting Jackie Robinson play: "If OJ saves a cat from a tree, he’s still a murderer." On the real-life history of the people on American money: "Next time you’re getting change, why...

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