Month: January 2006

Christian Finnegan’s childhood not best ever

Christian Finnegan called me later than expected because the folks at VH1 wanted him to tape an extra sketch or two for Best Week Ever. Did the bit involve him dressing up in Scarlett Johansson’s red dress from the Golden Globes? "Oh, if only it were!" Finnegan said. "No, I’m in a white jacket. Nobody will be squeezing my man-breasts or anything like that. Sorry to disappoint the three freaks that would be entertained by that." Finnegan grew up in the Boston suburbs of Acton and Natick, but he’s a New Yorker now. So does he sympathize with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who reportedly lost his Boston accent? "I think that’s probably a good policy," Finnegan said. "My dad was vigilant. He has six brothers and sisters, most of them have Boston accents to some degree. But my dad was vigilant, to the extent that whenever we used the word ‘spatula,’ he yelled and told us it was ‘spatchuler.’" At the time, though, Finnegan worried more about making Comedy Central’s top 25 comics of 2005 through an online vote. He was barely making the cut when we spoke. "This is bigger than the Golden Globes, bigger than the 24 premiere. Sometimes people tell me that they’ve never voted. That they don’t believe in the system. I tell them they have no reason to complain then. Actually, I just hope...

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Funniest reporter of 2006?

Ah, yes, onto the fun misadventures of Mr. McCarthy in Manhattan. The fun began on Tuesday, wherein I talked to PR guy Jules Feiler of 5WPR. A couple of colleagues had forwarded e-mails from him to me about something called the "funniest reporter on the planet" contest, being held at the Laugh Factory in NYC and LA on Jan. 5. Since it was Jan. 10, I figured I had missed it and was just trying to find out what happened, who won, and whether there’d be another event around the bend. Turned out the date of the "contest" got moved to Jan. 12, so Jules immediately asked me if I wanted in. Well, what do you think? You get offered free stage time at a New York City comedy club, you say yes. Even if you have to figure out how to get down to New York and back during the workweek (thankfully, I hadn’t yet used my New Year’s Day holiday, so logistically, I could pull it off). Even if you haven’t performed in years. Even if you have no idea what to use for material. Cut to Thursday. I chose Greyhound. Sure, Amtrak is a bit more comfortable, but with the on-and-off Acela problems, the train only gets you there about a half-hour quicker — and the Laugh Factory is located across the street from the Port...

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