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John Mulaney and Nick Kroll’s opening monologue for the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Oh, Hello! John Mulaney and Nick Kroll have such great comedy chemistry and timing, built up over the years and refined to a peak with their Broadway run of Oh, Hello!, that having them deliver the opening monologue together at Saturday night’s Film Independent Spirit Awards shows why two hosts sometimes are twice as good as one. Roll the...

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Carmen Lynch on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Carmen Lynch performed on Friday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and she finds herself here more reflective of the aging process, whether it’s joking about being able to date fathers and sons now, or her dad’s elderly issues, and what to do when a cat bites your foot in your sleep. That last part might not have much to do with aging, but at least Lynch has reasons to enjoy being a light sleeper. Roll the...

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2016: The year we doubled the number of stand-up comedy specials. 2017: Doubling again?

If you’re wondering why I haven’t gotten back to you about your stand-up comedy album, then please allow me to remind you just what kind of comedy boom you’re a part of these days. In 2015, TV networks and streaming services produced 44 stand-up hours (or specials). That seemed like a lot. In 2016, that number jumped to 85. So far in 2017, we’ve already heard about or seen 29 specials coming out this year for our collective viewing pleasure (not including the Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Dave Chappelle deals, which brings that number up to 34). And it’s...

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After a terrible, no-good 2016, where do we go from here in 2017? Find the joy

Last year feels so much farther away than two months ago, doesn’t it? At the end of 2016, so many of us felt melancholy, lamenting the losses of so many icons. Not only in comedy but everywhere else in the world, role models seemed to be swept up almost as if the heavens were calling an all-star rapture, as if they knew something we didn’t and were getting out while the getting was good. They included the funniest, most morally bold athlete (Muhammad Ali), the snarkiest onscreen villain (Alan Rickman), the most enigmatic musicians (Prince, David Bowie, George Michael)...

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Alec Baldwin will host a night of comedy about bad parenting at Carolines on Broadway

For all of the things you’ve heard about Donald Trump, at least it seems as though he loves his kids. It seems that way, doesn’t it? For Trump impersonator on Saturday Night Live and celebrated actor Alec Baldwin, he’s certainly made headlines in the past for sounding like a bad parent. And for one night only, Baldwin will host a night of stand-up comedy and stories about bad parenting. Carolines on Broadway just announced the gig: “Bad Parent with Alec Baldwin.” March 23, 2017. Tickets: $38.25 (plus two-drink minimum) Here’s the show description: Admit it. You’ve been a bad parent....

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