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Live show Historical Roast gets a Netflix series order thanks to Jeff Ross

While the Friars Club and Comedy Central have enjoyed ribbing and roasting their famous friends for decades, for the past four years, a group of Los Angeles comedians have gone even older school, hosting live shows around LA called “Historical Roast.” In July, they went after JFK at Dynasty Typewriter. On Oct. 2, they’ll be roasting the recently departed wrestling icon Andre The Giant in the Belly Room of The Comedy Store. But they have even bigger plans in store for 2019. Netflix has ordered six half-hour episodes of Historical Roast, with comedians dressing up in costumes to zing...

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Here’s the Fall 2018 schedule for half-hour Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents…

The new 2018 season of Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents… half-hour specials kicks off next Friday night, Sept. 28, 2018. They’ll air in back-to-black blocks in the 11 p.m. hour each Friday. September 28: Langston Kerman, Megan Gailey October 5: Devin Field, Emmy Blotnick October 12: Ryan O’Flanagan, Chris Garcia October 19: Tim Dillon, Sarah Tiana October 26: Mike Lawrence (11:30 p.m.) This is the second season of half-hours known as Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents… The format (22 minutes of comedy, minus commercials) previously was called The Half Hour for five seasons, and Comedy Central Presents for many years before...

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Listen to The History of Standup as told by Wayne Federman and friends

You want to get your TBTs on in a very comedy way? Starting this week, your ear holes can deliver the history of comedy into your brain parts, thanks to the brand-new podcast, The History of Standup. Over the course of six weekly episodes, teacher Wayne Federman (who is a legit professor of comedy at USC when he’s not performing himself) and student Andrew Steven work chronologically through the past century of comedy. This week’s debut episode includes guest “lecturers” Judd Apatow and Kliph Nesteroff. At the end, a seventh episode will include a panel discussion wondering about the...

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Samantha Bee presents This Is Not A Game, the trivia phone game to encourage higher voter turnout

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee might not have won an Emmy this past weekend, but they’re paying it forward anyhow, with a new trivia phone game that can win you cash prizes in the hopes of encouraging voter turnout this November. Presenting…This Is Not A Game. Available in iOS and Android versions, the app runs a daily trivia game with up to $5,000 in prizes. Once per day, you’ll get the chance to answer 10 multiple choice questions about the midterms, current events and very important facts about democracy like in what 1980’s vampire movie Kiefer Sutherland played POTUS....

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Too Soon? Documentary recalls “The Onion” issue following 9/11

Satirical publication The Onion began printing on actual newsprint back in August 1988. The staff picked up and left their original home in Madison, Wisc., where they had begun while attending The University of Wisconsin, and moved to New York City in 2001. So they were still new New Yorkers when the 9/11 terrorist attacks struck the city, and the nation. What happened next is now legendary comedy. Documentary filmmakers Nick Scown and Julie Seabaugh caught up with with original Onion writer/editors Todd Hanson, Carol Kolb, and Robert Siegel to recall the making of The Onion and its issue of...

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