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Vote for the Worst Twitter Joke Formats

Twitter used to be great, but now is so much greater. — Said no one ever. Ouch. Bad joke. But is it the Worst Twitter Joke Format? You can help decide in this bracket-style competition election, created by Michelle Spies, a Chicago-based contributor to @TheOnion & @Clickhole who also writes for @botnikstudios and @mcsweeneys. Spoiler alert: The first round of voting already took place earlier this week but second-round voting is active until the end of today. As Spies wrote on Twitter:  “Reminder that if you do not like this bracket you do not have to participate or even say anything about it at all!!!!...

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Garry Shandling’s legendary pickup basketball games almost derailed Borat, helped found Funny or Die, and other memories

There’s a fun new oral history piece out from ESPN The Magazine today about the late great Garry Shandling and his longtime Sunday basketball games that brought together so many funny people to his home over a couple of decades. “It was ‘Fight Club’ with better jokes,” said Shandling’s writing partner, Suli McCullough. Among the tidbits I learned reading this… Wayne Federman chose the teams as the de facto commissioner of the Sunday pickup hoops: FEDERMAN: It was a very delicate job. Sometimes there’d be 10 people, so somebody would have to sit out two games in a row. My...

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Episode #233: Orlando Leyba

Orlando Leyba was born in Puerto Rico but deported to the Dominican Republic with his mother when he was just a small child. Leyba and his mom eventually made it back to the United States, and he got his start in comedy in Miami. Through hard work and timing, he’s risen up the ranks, and in the past year, recorded stand-up for LaffMobb’s Laff Tracks on truTV, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and HBO Latino’s Entre Nos. Leyba was a Comic to Watch at the 2018 New York Comedy Festival, and is the first HBO Latino comedian to...

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