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The Apple Sisters sure like corn

Not since Better Off Dead have I heard a better endorsement for corn. It’s got corn in it! The Apple Sisters just released this commercial for Corndy, now in Applevision. Enjoy. <a href="">The Apple Sisters:  SPITTING CORN</a> on <a...

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Invite Them Up’s three-night finale

After a six-year run, Invite Them Up closes its comedy show career this week with three consecutive nights of comedy and afterparties at Rififi, tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday. Rififi itself will remain open. But Bobby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman will be going their separate ways. As they announced on their site: "We’ll do shows again, though not weekly and not for a little while." These final three nights don’t exactly have announced lineups but also don’t need them. Plenty of friends and great comedians will be coming out of the woodwork. See you...

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Watching the Oscars at Comix

The Academy Awards happened last night and much comedy ensued. Or not exactly. But Kambri Crews was nice enough to throw a viewing party at Comix for the night, with her hubby Christian Finnegan hosting. Finnegan noted that the Academy Awards writing staff reached out to several comedians, asking them to submit potential jokes for host Jon Stewart to use in his monologue or later during the ceremony. Here, he reads from a few of his suggestions: Rejected Oscars jokesUploaded by thecomicscomic Leo Allen made an appearance just before the Oscars got rolling, but Allen didn’t stay long after Jon Stewart’s monologue, long enough to see none of his jokes got selected but not long enough to see the cameras cut to Allen’s comedy partner, Eric Slovin, who had a choice seat behind Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard. How’d he get that seat? As the New York Times might report, anonymous aides thought Slovin’s relationship with Best Supporting Actress nominee Amy Ryan might be appropriate. Todd Barry stuck around for the entire ceremony, thought Stewart did a good hosting job, and thoughtfully offered to let me finish his order of Chicken Tender is the Night. That’s right. Kambri Crews and the Comix crew had a special menu with new movie names. Among the nods to 2008 nominees: I Eat Your Flank Steak, Banana Cake Blanchett, Juno & Tonic, There...

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This week’s comedic late-night TV guests

Time once again to check the late-night TV talk show listings to see which comedians and comedic actors will be making the rounds. Note: Some show listings still TBA. David Letterman…Monday: Will Ferrell; Friday: Tommy Tiernan Jay Leno…Monday: Catherine O’Hara; Tuesday: David Koechner; Thursday: Wanda Sykes Conan O’Brien…Monday: Will Arnett; Tuesday: Will Ferrell; Thursday: Robert Schimmel Jimmy Kimmel…Thursday: Martin...

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