Month: July 2019

A guide to the Americans performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

It’s not even August yet, and already Edinburgh is off to the races with this year’s Fringe, including thousands of shows all over the Scottish city for the next four weeks. The Comic’s Comic is here to tell you which of us Yanks are making the trip across the pond to perform at the Fringe this summer. Some of them arrive with hype. Some don’t. But they all yearn for your attention and applause. To wit: (comedians who have appeared on my podcast, Last Things First, appear below in bold italics) 1 Chick, 2 Dicks: 3 Americans Get Too...

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Who advanced from the fourth episode of Bring The Funny on NBC?

Look, I’m as confused as anyone else watching this summer’s comedy competition on NBC called Bring The Funny. Here’s what I know: Each of the first four Tuesday nights, they presented 10 comedy acts of varying types (stand-up, sketch, characters, musical) and cut them to six for the next round. That should be happening next week. A few acts got introduced with special pre-taped intros, but most didn’t. We see the judges (Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy) chit the chat with each other, and make faces. But otherwise, I have no idea how any of these comedians...

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Watch Greg Morton perform on “Judges Cuts” episode of America’s Got Talent 2019

Greg Morton‘s “Man of Many Voices” act keeps soaring this summer thanks to his appearances on the 2019 edition of America’s Got Talent. For the “judges cuts” episode, the final one before the live primetime episodes in August, Morton performed a medley of movie voices for the judges and audience, including a voice or two previously provided by judge Howie Mandel. Suffice it to say, they loved it. Everyone loved it. Standing ovation all around. Roll the...

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Highlights from Andy Kindler’s 2019 State of the Industry at Just For Laughs Montreal

This year, Ron Funches had the honors of introducing Andy Kindler at Just For Laughs, and Funches took a few of his own swings at the comedy industry before letting Kindler deliver his 2019 State of the Industry in Montreal. Or as Funches ribbed, “That’s like having a parakeet do a speech about the airline industry.” Funches roasted JFL and Variety for last year’s “Southern Momma” selection as one of 10 Comics to Watch. “You guys make dumb decisions,” he joked. “Why do you do that? I don’t want to put you down. Andy will come and do that.”...

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Episode #270: Brent Weinbach

Brent Weinbach is an innovative and weird stand-up comedian, befitting of someone who won the Andy Kaufman Award in 2007. Since then, he has masterminded hit YouTube videos such as “Gangster Party Line,” “Man Gives Birth” and “Ultimate Drumming Technique.” With DJ Douggpound, Weinbach co-created and directed the Streamy-nominated web series, Pound House. Weinbach also has appeared on multiple episodes of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! and Comedy Central’s Another Period. Even mainstream audiences have gotten to experience Weinbach courtesy of his stand-up sets on Conan, Lopez Tonight and The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. His stand-up special Appealing to...

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