Day: June 28, 2019

What you need to know if you want to submit writing samples to Saturday Night Live

Did you know you could submit a writing packet to Saturday Night Live right this very minute? Yes, you! My friends tipped me off to this site that welcomes writing submissions for SNL until July 15, 2019. If you can meet the July 15 deadline and submit 3 to 5 sketches (which includes one commercial parody, one topical sketch, and whatever else represents your best work), then go for it. NBCUniversal wants you to cast the sketches, too, using the first names of active SNL cast members and any potential hosts, and combine your writing samples into a single...

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The Seinfeld Experience to open full-time in Manhattan for 30th anniversary of sitcom

Walking through the re-created set of Jerry Seinfeld’s TV apartment last weekend at Clusterfest, two thoughts kept repeating: 1) it’s amazing but not entirely surprising how much of a kick people get out of imagining they’re in a hit sitcom, and 2) it’s really surprising Superfly hasn’t brought the Seinfeld experience to more people outside of a San Francisco comedy festival. Especially since the TV scenery seems built for it. Turns out I just had to wait a couple of days. Superfly has announced The Seinfeld Experience will open this fall as a full-time attraction in New York City....

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