Day: May 13, 2019

Episode #259: Rich Vos

Rich Vos might not have expected to make it to 60 the way he was living his 20s, addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine. But Vos made it out, and celebrated 33 years clean and sober in 2019. Along the way, he became the  first white comic to perform on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, served as the host and emcee for Woodstock 99, performed as a regular on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and almost won the first season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He did end up meeting his future wife on Last Comic, fellow stand-up Bonnie McFarlane....

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Stand Up and Pitch spotlight: “Myrtle and Willoughby”

Today is the final deadline to submit your short-form and long-form series ideas to Just For Laughs for festival’s annual “Stand Up & Pitch” contests in Montreal. So let’s take a look at one of last year’s winners: Myrtle & Willoughby. Brittany Tomkin and Jorja Hudson’s comedy mini-series about two, young female detectives on Brooklyn’s Millennial Crimes Unit won the Stand Up & Pitch “Beyond The Box: Playing It Short” honors. It’s that weird spin-off of Brooklyn 99 you didn’t know you needed. Tomkin and Hudson have worked on several projects together as Brit & Brit; Hudson gets her “Brit” due...

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Megan Amram’s “An Emmy For Megan” returns for a second season of award trolling

Megan Amram, writer for The Good Place (and before that, Parks and Recreation), almost pulled off an incredible feat last year, getting nominated for two Emmy Awards by writing and starring in a webseries which she only wrote and starred in for the purposes of winning an Emmy. Amram is back with season two of An Emmy For Megan, released earlier this month. The second season picks up the trail where season one left off, following Amram through the Emmy nominations and the ceremony itself, where she mouths “It’s OK” to the camera when they announced James Corden had...

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“The Bob Ross Challenge”

Sometimes, we all could use the serenity that the late Bob Ross offered with his PBS painting show, The Joy of Painting. Ross died in 1995. But his spirit and his TV episodes live on, inspiring all of us to paint happy little clouds and trees. You may have seen some of your favorite YouTubers trying to paint like Bob Ross in recent months. Their efforts have also been inspired and influenced by comedians Micah Sherman and Mark Stetson, who launched “The Bob Ross Challenge” last summer not only for fun, but also as a fundraiser for the Leukemia...

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“Live from WZRD” on VRV

VRV has made a name for itself as a streaming service built on anime, partnerships with niche networks such as Rooster Teeth and Shudder, and outcasts from the late, great Seeso. Now comes Live from WZRD, a webseries that manages to offer a little something for each of VRV’s fan groups. The first eight episodes, out now, establish the main focus as a talk show (“Live from WZRD”) broadcast from East Gatewood, a community college for wizards in the Southern California town of La Crescenta. East Gatewood might not be Hogwarts, but it does have goblins and talking trees...

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