Day: April 4, 2019

Hold up: Was The Joker just an extremely frustrated open-micer?

As a lifelong fan of Batman but only a casual reader of his DC Comics during my childhood, I confess to not knowing the canonical origin story for his greatest nemesis, The Joker. There was the movie version from 1989, in which Jack Nicholson’s criminal character gets dumped into a vat of acid, and that’s what gives him his iconic look. But The Joker as a wannabe comedian? Literally leaning into the title? As Louis Virtel wrote on Twitter: “‘Mediocre man wants to be funny’ is the realest villain explanation I’ve heard yet.” Just watched The Joker trailer. I...

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Review: Kevin Hart, “Irresponsible” on Netflix

Kevin Hart’s new Netflix hour delves into his insecurities more than his irresponsibilities. Which is OK. Even if the intro and show description might mislead you into thinking about what he’ll talk about in this hour. He filmed this special last year on tour (I saw it live in Montreal last July during Just For Laughs). As I wrote in my review for Decider: Hart is best onstage when he leans into the situations that make him most vulnerable. Whether that’s traveling in Japan without an interpreter, dealing with actual shit on the carpet of his home and not...

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Tiffany Haddish honors Jamie Masada with LA City College Foundation award

The Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada received an award recently from the LA City College Foundation for running his annual comedy camp for underprivileged children, and his most prized pupil, Tiffany Haddish, introduced him at the event. “I’ve known Jamie since I was 15 years old,” she said, “and now that I’m only 21 for the 18th year, I have to say he has done some pretty amazing things in my world. When he started The Laugh Factory back in 1979…he started a place where I have always found to be my safe place. That stage was the first...

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