Day: February 22, 2019

R.I.P. Steven Brody Stevens, dead at 48

Brody Stevens was bombing, but all of the comedians were howling. I could’ve been talking about a show last week, or last year, but this was also the case the first time I saw Steven Brody Stevens perform live, onstage at the weekly open mics at Seattle’s Comedy Underground in 1996. Before he could list any credits, let alone all of the ones you’d come to hear from him time and again, he still had my rapt attention from the get-go. You see, in the mid-1990s, Stevens co-hosted a popular cable access show for us grunge kids in Seattle...

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An improv comedy workshop for inclusion

Jess Kelley-Madera, an independent improv comedy coach, used to perform at the Reckless Theater in New York City until the joint closed when its founder acknowledged his pattern of inappropriate behavior. Kelley-Madera has studied at the UCB and currently with the Magnet Theater. But she’d like to help be part of the solution in making the improv scene more inclusive. So she’s hosting a get-together to talk about what needs changing and how to change it. Details...

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Tom Green now a U.S. citizen

Last week, he was “America’s Favorite Houseguest.” This week, he’s finally an American citizen. Comedian Tom Green, fresh off a fan favorite cash prize after participating in the second season of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS, officially became a U.S. citizen during a group swearing-in Wednesday in Los Angeles. Green has lived in the States for two decades since he first broke big on MTV. He shared some footage from his ceremony with TMZ. Recently, he also showed off his citizenship test homework prep during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. And here he was earlier this week on...

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