Day: December 19, 2018

Review: Pete Holmes, “Dirty Clean” on HBO

Pete Holmes is one of only two people who have called me “Sean L.” in everyday conversation, and it makes perfect sense. Holmes is a comedian who loves the sounds of words. Sean L. becomes Shonnelle, which bequeaths me an alter-ego. In his previous stand-up comedy specials, Holmes has invited us to join in the fun of a friend named Pierce, poring over the phrase “edited it,” and now the joys of wearing Lululemon. As I wrote in my review of his new HBO special for Decider: With his second HBO special, Dirty Clean, and the third season of his...

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Review: Vir Das, “Losing It” on Netflix

Vir Das got America’s attention with his first Netflix special, last year’s Abroad Understanding. Filming it in a small theater in New York City, then cutting it together with footage of him performing the same material in an arena in India, we learned that Das is a comedian to listen to. In Losing It, how much of it is worth listening to, tho? As I wrote in my review for Decider: And he wants us all to know how well he’s doing now, joking about putting on an American accent to “be more Indian” and taking his stand-up on...

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Review: Russell Brand, “Re:Birth” on Netflix

I’ve long held a love/ambivalence about the comedian and actor Russell Brand. On the one hand, Brand holds a world of ideas within his head and a dazzling gift for sharing his ideas and prompting bigger conversations about life and love and everything else. On the other, Brand’s ego and vanity often gets in his own way. As I wrote in my review of his new comedy special for Netflix, Re:Birth:  His paradoxical nature remains on full display. As he joked in that opening clip, he aims to spread the wonders of connected consciousness, but he’s also in it...

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