Day: November 11, 2018

Review: Dennis Miller, “Fake News, Real Jokes” from Comedy Dynamics

When it comes to comedy, I’ll admit it: I’m politically biased. But it’s not a liberal or conservative bias that drives me crazy so much as it is a realism bias. I love me some surrealism and ridiculousness from my stand-ups, but when a comedian starts talking about a political premise, I absolutely positively need it to be rooted in truth. That’s me. If you joke about Obama becoming a vegetarian, I’m zoning out because he’s not. If you think Kanye West supporting Trump is an important thing culturally, I’m zoning out because it’s not. So yeah, not everything...

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Review: “John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons” on Netflix

After several one-man shows in which John Leguizamo demonstrated his flexibility in portraying multiple members of his own family and neighborhood growing up in Jackson Heights, the comedian and actor has expanded his horizons with his first Netflix special, Latin History for Morons. Because it’s 2018, and two years into Trump, Leguizamo realizes he can speak not only for his own generation of Latino Americans, but also for all of those who came before him, and for those he hopes will live a better life in America. As I wrote in my review for Decider: But Leguizamo’s lesson plan...

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Review: Adam Sandler, “100% Fresh” on Netflix

For everyone who thought that Adam Sandler had stopped trying. For everyone who wondered if Sandler could ever recapture the essence of his comedy that made so many of us love him in the first place. For all of you and then some, Sandler’s first Netflix comedy special may not live up to its title, 100% Fresh, although it is quite a refreshing change of pace from the former Saturday Night Live star. It’s Sandler’s best work in a decade! As I wrote in my review for Decider: The format is reminiscent of his first two platinum albums, loaded...

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