Day: November 11, 2018

Review: Kirk Fox, “That Guy” on Showtime

Kirk Fox only really looks like That Guy when he’s sporting his mustache. Fox had more of a five o’clock shadow going on when he filmed his Showtime special in Santa Barbara during, and he realized that “that guy” not only refers to memorable character actors in TV and movies, but also the older guy checking out women in a Coffee Bean. Fox played “Sewage Joe” on Parks and Recreation, but a TV character best known for sending dick pics to everyone in Pawnee doesn’t land as that great of a pick-up line. Fox kinda wishes he were a...

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Review: Trevor Moore, “The Story of Our Times,” on Comedy Central

It’d be a mistake to stop watching Trevor Moore after the first 10 minutes of his most recent Comedy Central special, The Story of Our Times, which came out on April 20 (cough cough). Moore’s special finds him struggling through an insufferable brunch with his girlfriend (Esther Povitsky) and her friends (Alana Johnston, Amanda Seales, and Theo Von) as they discuss all the relevant issues of the day. Naturally, he can’t stop himself from expressing his own views on the topics through a series of songs and music videos. The first couple of songs are kinda rap, kinda hip-hop, but...

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Review: Taylor Williamson, “Please Like Me” on Amazon Prime Video

Far too many comedy specials in recent years have either come out too soon, or gone on for too long, to truly benefit the comedians themselves. I imagine that’s an unintended consequence of a comedy boom. Demand spikes, agents and managers want to cash in while the getting’s good, and the comedian, meanwhile, doesn’t want to get lost in the ever-more-crowded content avalanche. If everyone else has a new hour, shouldn’t I? Not necessarily. Nor should you even want to put out an hour of new jokes just because it’s trendy to do so. We live in an era...

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Review: “The Degenerates” on Netflix

As I wrote in my review for Decider: The word “degenerates” implies immorality. Oakerson, Brad Williams, Yamaneika Saunders, Liza Treyger, Joey Diaz and Christina P. definitely live by morals. The Netflix focus group working committee on series naming must have struggled (or didn’t struggle enough) in this case. Calling them The Offensives might give audiences the wrong idea. At Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival, they’d call this group The Nasty Show. Somehow nasty sounds too nasty here. As does depraved. A more literal way to broadly define these comedians: Deviants. Here’s how each of them fit the bill. “People...

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EPIX presents Unprotected Sets

I have some problems with Unprotected Sets. Not a big fan of the title. Definitely not a fan of the promotional poster and imaging, which doubles down on the sexual innuendo by giving you the impression that stand-up comedy is best represented by a bunch of attacking sperm. Unless you want to reinforce that, I suppose. And then learning Mark Burnett is the top executive producer, well, that’s not winning me over, either. But Push It Productions, the studio of Wanda Sykes and Page Hurwitz (who had mounted the most recent revival of Last Comic Standing), has put together...

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