Day: October 4, 2018

CBS late-night comedy exec Vinnie Favale out on leave pending harassment investigation

Vincent Favale appeared on an early episode of NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman in 1982, eventually became a Letterman producer with his CBS Late Show in 1996, and eventually became Vice President of CBS Late Night Programming, East Coast. Last year he was named senior vice president of talent development at CBS TV Studios. But Favale is currently on administrative leave. CBS is investigating whether the comedy executive used sexually offensive language toward women and gay people in the workplace and retaliated against those who complained about it. CNN broke the story yesterday, and Stephen Colbert mentioned it on-air during...

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The Second City expands partnership with Insight to produce original programming

This year, The Second City has worked with Insight Productions on an upcoming documentary about the comedy theater’s legendary TV series, SCTV. Now they’ve agreed to collaborate further to develop original comedy programming. “The magic of Second City’s creative process has always been twofold. Not only do our writers and performers create collaboratively, but we constantly test and tweak new material in front of a living, breathing audience. The work goes straight from the Writers’ Room to the stage, so we have a veritable comedy lab at our fingertips. By partnering with the innovative team at Insight, the creative...

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Ted Alexandro on Conan

Who knew that a heterosexual relationship could both be like basketball and like customer service? Ted Alexandro knew, and he explained in this funny set on Tuesday’s Conan. Alexandro has a new comedy special out now via All Things Comedy (video) and 800 Pound Gorilla Records (audio). Roll the...

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