Based on the success of Nickelodeon’s “Animated Shorts Program,” sister Viacom network Comedy Central has launched its own Animated Shorts Program.

“We hope the Animated Shorts Program is an evolution of our continuous history of finding the next great comedic voices. We are grateful to the very smart people at Nickelodeon who originated this incubator, and we are excited to put the Comedy Central touch on it with hopefully the same successful results Nickelodeon has found,” said Comedy Central’s Sarah Babineau and Jonas Larsen.

Creators can submit short-form animated ideas directly to the network, and have the opportunity to sign a development deal with Comedy Central if their pitches succeed.

The Animated Shorts Program opened for submissions Oct. 1 and will remain open through Dec. 31, 2018.

You can submit if you’re from North America, and your submission is between 1-3 minutes long, in these forms of animation: 2-D, digital 2-D, CG, stop-motion or mixed media.

From Comedy Central’s site:

A storyboard or other visual representation of your one-to-three minute story is required. We are open to however you want to present your pitch as long as it’s accompanied by visuals. Basically, we want to see your pitch and be able to say, “We love this. Let’s make it!” and then quickly start executing your vision.

Options include, but are not limited to: ​

  • A rough beat board (prov​iding the key beats of the story)
  • A full storyboard (thumbnail, rough or cleaned up)
  • A comic or picture book
  • An animatic