Day: August 28, 2018

Review: Drew Michael (HBO)

I’d watched Drew Michael’s HBO special, interviewed him about it, and written a review for Decider before reading anyone else’s takes on it. And of course, I’d seen Drew perform stand-up multiple times in the past few years, too, so it’s not like his material itself would surprise me. But after watching his hour on HBO, and then reading the other reviews elsewhere, this is the rare case where I don’t really want to share too many of my thoughts with you first. I mean, you can read my review of Drew Michael over at And you can...

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Review: Bert Kreischer, “Secret Time” (Netflix)

If you want to know a lot about Bert Kreischer, then listen to my podcast with him recorded live at Montreal’s Just For Laughs two summers ago. If you want to know why Bert performs shirtless, it’s mostly a party trick that became a habit, and now he’s simply more comfortable that way. As Bert told me recently, Bill Burr said it best after performing with him on a recent lineup at The Comedy Store: “I guess we take the shirt off when it matters.” So of course he’s topless for his first Netflix special, Secret Time. As I described...

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Dean Delray’s debut on Conan

Dean Delray couldn’t have had a more supportive welcome wagon for his late-night debut on Monday’s Conan. First guest Marc Maron has a story involving Dean and himself in Maron’s most recent Netflix special; and second guest Bert Kreischer is a fellow LA-based stand-up and regular at The Comedy Store and other clubs. For his part, Delray joked about the prospect of moving to New York City, and if these jokes are any indication, he’ll fit in just fine. Roll the...

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