Month: July 2018

Listen to and read Doug Stanhope deliver eulogies for Sean Rouse

Doug Stanhope, who booked the late Sean Rouse on his Unbookables tour and captured it for a documentary, has written a beautiful eulogy to his friend over at Vulture. GO READ IT. If reading proves too difficult for you, for whatever reason, then you can listen to Stanhope along with pals Mat Becker, Chad Shank, bingo and Ggreg Chaille “to share the many stories compiled over the years knowing someone as unique, daring, and funny as Sean...

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Review: W. Kamau Bell “Private School Negro” on Netflix

A decade ago, W. Kamau Bell promised to end racism in an hour, titling his touring one-man show that to bring the audience in and leave them laughing. We’re not laughing so much now in 2018, when racism remains an American problem by its own birth and historical circumstances. Nevertheless, Bell has done an admirable job with his Emmy-winning CNN series, using his charm to bring our various subcultures together, or at the very least, allow them to co-exist and share their thoughts and ideals with one another. As a stand-up comedian, Bell may be neither Chris Rock (who...

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Review: Hannah Gadsby “Nanette” on Netflix

I made a point not to go back and look at my review of Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette from when I saw it live onstage in New York City just a few months ago, either before, during or after watching the version she filmed for Netflix back in Sydney. Now I will. Seeing Gadsby live and up close, her passionate rage and compassionate pleas to look at her own life and at comedy itself a bit differently really hit home for me. The literal blueness of it all onstage, from the lights to the backdrop to her wardrobe, complemented the...

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Review: “Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest of Your Life” on Netflix

Aptly titled. Oh, you want more? Fine. Steve Martin Short fits even better. But An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest of Your Life definitely fits the bill, as I sit here a month and a half later and cannot tell you much of what transpired, even if I do see I saved a photo of Short as Jiminy Glick, and can recall that Glick’s jokes were worse than anything Michelle Wolf delivered at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Otherwise, it’s a perfectly pleasing show from two comedy legends, performing both separately and together. As I wrote in my...

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Review: Tig Notaro “Happy To Be Here” on Netflix

I’ve read more than one thinkpiece (please don’t try that at home or anywhere else, for that matter) that compared Hannah Gadsby’s brilliant one-woman show, Nanette, to Tig Notaro’s performance at Largo when she first revealed she had cancer. All of which only makes me appreciate Notaro’s own 2018 Netflix special even more. Called Happy To Be Here, the hour finds Notaro successfully on the other side of tragedy and health scares. So, as I wrote in my review for Decider, she can delightfully return to her wickedly dry sense of humor without needing an emotionally cathartic beat. Although...

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