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Oliver Graves auditions for America’s Got Talent 2018

Oliver Graves from Santa Rosa, Calif., looks the part of sad clown, doesn’t he? Watch as Graves auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2018 on Tuesday night’s episode. Turns out his attitude is more goth than sad. And clever. And maybe sad, after all. He says he doesn’t get booked on a lot of gigs. Think that’ll change? Roll...

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Nick Hart on Conan

South Carolina native Nick Hart made his debut on Conan on Monday night, and let us know he still has a lot to learn. Such as different names for the same vegetable, what his girlfriend does for a living. Some things take longer to learn than others. Roll the...

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Sacha Baron Cohen stars in new satire series, Who Is America? for Showtime

It makes perfect sense in hindsight. We hadn’t heard or seen much of anything out of Sacha Baron Cohen since The Brothers Grimsby movie premiere in February 2016. Baron Cohen only goes into hiding when he’s in disguise, plotting his next satirical surprise on the world. And here it is. Showtime officially announced last week’s worst-kept-secret, a new half-hour series from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, his first TV project in a decade: WHO IS AMERICA?  Baron Cohen wrote and directed the seven-episode series, which “will explore the diverse individuals, from the infamous to the unknown across the political and cultural...

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Episode #215: Clusterfest 2018 with Jeff Ross, Matt Broussard and the art of roasting

This is a special edition of Last Things First, recorded live during Clusterfest 2018 in San Francisco. Comedy Central was kind enough to ask me to host a series of Clusterfest panels for the media that they called fireside chats. In this session, I welcomed the Roastmaster himself, Jeff Ross, and two-time Roast Battle runner-up Matt Broussard to talk about the art of roasting, the development of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle series (which tapes its third season this July), and the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis. So let’s get to it! Play in new window |...

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Dave Flebotte talks inside comedy baseball of his Showtime series with Jim Carrey, “I’m Dying Up Here”

I’m Dying Up Here almost didn’t survive to a second season. Dave Flebotte, who with Jim Carrey created the Showtime adaptation of William Knoedelseder’s best-seller about The Comedy Store in the 1970s, told me over the phone last week that when Showtime gave them “a month to come up with what we would do in a second season,” they explored options before deciding “we wanted to do a time jump, so it wasn’t everybody trying to get out from under the rock.” They also introduced two new main characters. Brad Garrett’s Roy Martin is “the Rodney Dangerfield kind of guy, who...

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