Day: July 16, 2018

Earthquake joins SiriusXM with daily talk show on Kevin Hart’s radio station

That Earthquake you heard today on the radio was all comedy. Comedian Nathaniel “Earthquake” Stroman launched a new daily talk show today on SiriusXM’s Kevin Hart channel, aka Laugh Out Loud Radio. If you missed it today, you can catch Earthquake weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. Eastern, 1 to 3 p.m Pacific, on SiriusXM Ch. 96. Broadcast live from Los Angeles, Quake’s House will feature the comedian at his most authentic, and will also showcase regular friends of the show and recurring segments. In addition, Earthquake will talk with celebrity guests and some of the funniest emerging comics. From hilarious...

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Who Is Sacha Baron Cohen Fooling In ‘Who Is America?’ On Showtime

When Sacha Baron Cohen first burst onto the scene with Ali G, Borat and Bruno on British television in 2000 (and then HBO in 2003), you have to remember what America was then. No social media. No hyper-awareness. When he filmed Borat, he could still fool most of the people most of the time, even if he had help, in some cases, from co-conspirators (see: stand-up comedian Luenell portraying a prostitute to scare a white Christian family). By the time he made a Bruno movie in 2009, though, Americans and their cameraphones and the globabl paparazzi were onto him....

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Episode #216: Allan Havey

Allan Havey is a comedian and actor who hosted a late-night talk show for the Comedy Channel (before it was Comedy Central) called Night After Night with Allan Havey. You might not have heard much from him in the 1990s and much of the 2000s. But he’s certainly enjoying a renaissance in the past decade, since acting in the 2009 Steven Soderbergh film, The Informant! then continuing with appearances in Louie on FX, followed by The Office, Mad Men, W/Bob & David, The Man in the High Castle, Bosch, GLOW and Billions. Havey has continued to perform stand-up comedy all these...

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Michelle Wolf “destroys” other comedy talk shows in Segment Time

Michelle Wolf went meta by mocking similar weekly comedy shows in this segment of her Netflix series, The Break with Michelle Wolf, called, obviously, Segment Time. “This is comedy now,” Wolf says. Comedy on a TV talk show now = Sincerity, lots of facts, accompanied by graphics, and a courageous stance. Take that, Emmy-nominated Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and not-Emmy-nominated Late Night with Seth Meyers. It’s time to clap, sheeple! Roll the...

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Skankfest 2018 hosts special live reunion show of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn

Skankfest 2018 closed out the weekend with a secret show that turned out to be a very special surprise, as Jim Norton, Rich Vos, Robert Kelly and Keith Robinson joined Colin Quinn for a live rendition of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. With @iamcolinquinn, @1keithrobinson, @robertkelly and @RichVos doing the Tough Crowd reunion. I truly love these creeps. — Jim Norton (@JimNorton) July 16, 2018 Tough Crowd originally aired from 2002 to 2004 on Comedy Central, bringing the lively discussions and debates from the Comedy Cellar table (as first seen on Jerry Seinfeld’s documentary, Comedian) to a wider...

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