Month: January 2018

Dave Chappelle wins the Grammy Award for Comedy Album of the Year

To the surprise of perhaps nobody outside of Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album for the audio double-album of his first two Netflix specials of 2017, The Age of Spin and Deep In the Heart of Texas. Chappelle hadn’t put out a comedy album in what seemed like forever, which only made it slightly less surprising to hear him say upon accepting his Grammy: “I am honored to win an award…finally.” But he was sincere and straight to the point about thanking just about everybody. Earlier in the telecast, Chappelle helped contribute to...

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Donald Glover as Childish Gambino wins a Grammy Award and performs on the Grammys with his Lion King castmate

In the past year, Donald Glover has won Emmy Awards for his TV show (FX’s Atlanta) and now owns a Grammy Award for his musical moniker, Childish Gambino. He won the¬†Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performance¬†on Sunday night for “Redbone,” and also performed during the telecast his song, “Terrified,” with an extra vocal assist at the end from JD McCrary. McCrary plays Young Simba to Glover’s Simba in the live-action version of The Lion King filming this year for a release date in 2019. Glover also stars this year in the Star Wars spin-off, Solo, as a young...

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Highlights from Conan O’Brien’s trip to Haiti

Conan O’Brien and Team Coco have found magic in the past few years by taking Conan out of the United States for a series of one-hour travelogue specials. They’re usually planned out in advance, with help from local celebrities or tie-ins to the show. Haiti is and was different. This was Conan responding immediately and directly to President Trump’s outlandishly ridiculous and racist comments about the island nation. And once you take even just a minute to learn the history of Haiti, then you know how wrong we are as Americans to take the island for granted. You can...

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SNL balks at talking about Aziz Ansari in meta sketch

Multiple sketches this past weekend on the Will Ferrell-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live either mentioned the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements directly, or indirectly took a satirical view of how culture has either maligned women or promoted an atmosphere that allowed men to take advantage of women sexually. And then there was this sketch, “Dinner Discussion,” in which a woman wants to know what everyone else thought of a New York Times op-ed about Aziz Ansari. Cue the danger lights and music! Everyone at the table hesitates, then reluctantly begins to weigh in before aborting their hot take mid-sentence....

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Will Ferrell revisits his George W. Bush impersonation for SNL cold open

Will Ferrell made fun of “strategery” and has always helped us laugh with former President George W. Bush as much as laugh at him, not only during Ferrell’s run on Saturday Night Live, but also in a big Broadway production after Bush left office. One year into the Trump era, Ferrell hosted SNL once more this past weekend, and let us know how he and W. feel about it all, including jokes about how W.’s reputation seems to be rising in retrospect, despite the fact that his presidency was a disaster. As Ferrell reminded us, we’re still engaged in...

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