Day: September 22, 2017

A day and night in the life of KAABOO Del Mar

The sun falls into the Pacific as a small commuter train whisks by, momentarily interrupting the rocking sounds of Garbage. And that was just the second stage at KAABOO Del Mar. At this third annual music and comedy festival held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, just off the northern outskirts of San Diego, you could find evergreen California bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction alongside 1990s stalwarts such as Weezer, Garbage and Alanis Morissette, rap titans like Ice Cube and T-Pain, classics like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and newer acts such as Pink, Muse,...

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Sneak a peek at “At Home with Amy Sedaris”

At Home with Amy Sedaris, premiering Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017, with back-to-back episodes on truTV, is a delightfully dizzy spin on crafting how-to, courtesy of the one and only Amy Sedaris.   Each week will revolve around a traditional theme, such as entertaining businessmen, the craft of love making and cooking without pots and pans. With guests including Justin Theroux, Michael Shannon, Jane Krakowski, Christopher Meloni, Rachel Dratch, Scott Adsit, Nick Kroll, Cole Escola and many more. If you’re in NYC, you can celebrate the premiere a night early with Sedaris at a special Opening Night Kickoff for the...

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Second semester, crazier than the first on HBO’s Vice Principals

If you wondered whether Vice Principals could recapture the same lunacy that marked its first season on HBO, then allow me to remind you that Danny McBride and his usual crazy comedy team of Jody Hill and David Gordon Green filmed both seasons back-to-back two years ago. So they not only didn’t take into account your reactions to season one, but also: They didn’t care. As co-star Walton Goggins confided to me and a couple of other reporters following a season two launch event in Brooklyn earlier this month, what attracted Goggins to Vice Principals was the very fact...

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Ren & Stimpy documentary goes Indiegogo!

Hey, remember that Ren & Stimpy documentary I was telling you about a couple of months ago? Well, the folks putting together Happy Happy Joy Joy – The Ren & Stimpy Story done gone and cancelled their original Kickstarter campaign, despite raising more than $100,000. “Our end goal was overly ambitious,” executive producer Ron Cicero tells The Comic’s Comic, and as we all know, on Kickstarter, any crowdfunding campaign is either all or nothing! So, better to make sure Cicero and company get the money they need…they’ve relaunched their campaign on Indiegogo. They’ve received about $45,000 so far. Check...

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Review: Jerry Seinfeld, “Jerry Before Seinfeld” on Netflix

Some comedians don’t want to watch other comedians perform, for fear that it might influence what they say onstage themselves or even how they say it. I can be the same way with reading other reviews of a comedian, TV show or movie that I’m reviewing. Which is how I realize only after the fact that every other critic I’ve read on Jerry Seinfeld this week has gone to great lengths to mention or focus on his Jewishness, while I somehow didn’t mention it all. Is it because I’m a gentile? Does it have something to do the high...

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