Day: September 13, 2017

Making a Pitch for comedy writers at Funny or Die

In ye olden times, you’d hear about a comedy friend or friend of a friend claiming to write for The Tonight Show or Letterman, sending in jokes by fax. In 2017, what’s a fax? Funny or Die has not only made an app for that, but also perhaps revolutionized the process of finding new comedy writers. Forget Twitter. Or, keep Twitter. Pitch is a more focused site. Or rather, an app. Funny or Die unveiled Pitch formally with a launch panel this July at Montreal’s Just For Laughs ComedyPro conference. Funny or Die writer Matt Klinman (who also has...

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The Chris Gethard Show will livestream and interact with Reddit for special event episode

Getting on the front page of Reddit is a huge deal. Taking over Reddit for a livestream is a first! And The Chris Gethard Show will be first to attempt a live interactive TV/internet experience this Thursday in a partnership between Turner’s truTV network and Reddit. This week’s episode of TCGS, with special guest John Oliver, will happen live at 11 p.m. Eastern Thursday (Sept. 14, 2017), with live video streaming and commenting taking place on the show’s new Reddit profile page. Viewers can stream the episode at The show already tackles bizarre stunts and interacts with phone callers as well...

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Review: Jeff Dunham, “Relative Disaster” on Netflix

No, you’re the puppet! Jeff Dunham is undoubtedly the biggest ventriloquist in the world. By fans. By tickets sold. Dunham set ratings records for Comedy Central, and landed his previous special in primetime for NBC in 2015. Now he’s on Netflix. Because everyone in the comedy game is on Netflix in 2017. His new special is called Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster, and spoiler alert (as pictured): He has introduced a new dummy/puppet into the act, a crude-talking alcoholic Irish baby named Seamus. But there’s something about Dunham that continues to fascinate me. It’s not the nature of his jokes,...

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