Day: May 5, 2017

What sets Anthony Atamanuik apart from all Trump impersonators: The madness layered into The President Show on Comedy Central

I’ve been telling you since Anthony Atamanuik first stepped onto the UCB stage to debate James Admonian as “Trump vs. Bernie” for the first time, that we were watching something special. Sure, you can find plenty of other Trump impersonators, and plenty more since Trump became president. You may laugh at one or all of them. But Atamanuik digs deeper than anyone else to reveal the man’s psyche, the one thing we’re all curious about and perhaps suspect, but never hear from the man himself. He also goes beyond any other Trump impersonator in improving upon the real-life satire....

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12 Principles of Comedy in the Millennial Age, a parody from Tim Dillon

Bill Hicks left a comic legacy and influenced at least a generation of stand-up comedians. One of the things Hick wrote offstage was his 12 Principles of Comedy. They were (reprinted via Chris Hardwick on Nerdist, circa 2009) 1. If you can be yourself on stage nobody else can be you and you have the law of supply and demand covered. 2. The act is something you fall back on if you can’t think of anything else to say. 3. Only do what you think is funny, never just what you think they will like, even though it’s not...

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Kristen Bell guest hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live

Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live began with a warning, because a broadcast network was allowing a woman to host a late-night talk show! Hooray for Kristen Bell! In her monologue, she joked that although this was a first for her, “I legitimately hate Matt Damon,” so she should be fine. Take that, Dax. Her guests included Charlie Hunnam and Adam Scott....

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Kevin Hart to star in “What The Fit?” webseries for YouTube via his Laugh Out Loud Network

YouTube’s official Upfronts presentation this morning featured several new exclusive webseries fronted by A-list celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Lovato and Kevin Hart. Hart will star in What The Fit?, a comedic fitness show appearing exclusively each week on Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network channel on YouTube. He’ll join famous friends and YouTube Stars for various workout routines, both inside and outside of the gyms. “This is a show for everyone – young, old, athletes and couch potatoes alike – and I’m proud that it will launch exclusively on our new LOL network on YouTube,” said Kevin Hart.“Lionsgate and...

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