Day: February 12, 2017

Patton Oswalt wins the Best Comedy Album Grammy for “Talking For Clapping”

Congrats again to Patton Oswalt, who won the Grammy Award for 2016’s Best Comedy Album for “Talking For Clapping,” for which he previously also won the Emmy Award in September. Kudos to ASpecialThing Records for producing the audio recording (Netflix had the exclusive on the video for the Emmy win). You can find all the Grammy winners and nominees here. Here’s Oswalt’s acceptance speech, in which he thanked the Recording Academy “for even being nominated in this group of comedians. Margaret Cho and David Cross were for me, when I was just starting out, they were people that I...

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Leslie Jones and Vanessa Bayer as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live

“It’s about giving America what it wants.” That’s why Leslie Jones says she wants to portray President Donald Trump in a short film that played during Saturday Night Live, but Lorne Michaels wasn’t having it. If only she had rage-screamed “I HAVE THE BEST TEMPERAMENT.” I’m telling you she would’ve gotten the gig, then. We also saw Vanessa Bayer donning her own version of the Donald, plus the return of Melissa McCarthy as White House flak Sean Spicer, foreshadowing Alec Baldwin’s Trump in The People’s Court. Plus Kate McKinnon as new Confederate General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (and later as...

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