Day: January 26, 2017

Humor In Hindsight: The 2010 documentary, “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work”

We’re one week into the administration of President Trump, and with a new edition of Celebrity Apprentice on the airwaves (with replacement host Arnold Schwarzenegger) and a lack of celebs showing up for Trump at his inauguration, this Throwback Thursday allows me to take a look back at the late Joan Rivers, former Celebrity Apprentice winner, and her 2010 documentary, A Piece of Work, for my latest Humor In Hindsight column for Here’s an excerpt: The documentary, much like Rivers herself, rarely pulls its punches. We see her ask her manager if she should tell a distasteful joke...

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Roast Battle II begins four-night primetime run on Comedy Central: Watch the previews now!

Roast Battle II begins a four-night run tonight, with new episodes at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Thursday-Sunday, following the action as 16 stand-up comedians roast each other in front of celebrity judges until only one reigns supreme live on Sunday night on Comedy Central. I could’ve sworn that I heard Jeffrey Ross say on last night’s Conan that (SPOILER ALERT) Todd Barry makes it to the finals (the round of 16, quarters and semis were taped this week) but you’ll just have to see how it unfolds on Comedy Central this week and into the weekend. That said, Comedy Central...

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Fake News prompts misguided death threats: InfoWars latest Trumped up mob targets aspiring comedian

Six years ago, many an aspiring comedian dreamed of writing the perfect Tweet or series of Tweets that would launch their careers as stand-ups or comedy writers. Today, the best that comedian can hope for is an onscreen mention on @midnight, probably. The worst? Death threats. Stephen Spinola has experienced both of those extremes in the past year. Last January, Spinola’s submission of “The Bongfather” for @midnight’s call for suggestions of #WeedMovies landed his avatar and Twitter on the Comedy Central program. #WeedMovies The Bongfather @midnight #PointsMe — Stephen Spinola (@Mr_McStevie) January 6, 2016 This January, his offhanded Twitter...

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SiriusXM snags Craig Ferguson for weeknight talk show on satellite radio’s “Comedy Greats” channel

Craig Ferguson will start broadcasting a weeknight talk show once again. Only this time he’ll be in primetime. And on satellite radio! Broadcast live from Los Angeles, in a studio SiriusXM built in Ferguson’s home,¬†“The Craig Ferguson Show” will debut on Comedy Greats channel 94 starting Monday, Feb. 27, with episodes airing 6 to 8 p.m. Eastern (3 to 5 p.m. Pacific) weeknights. Quotes from the official press release sent out this morning: “This is premium quality drive-time entertainment. It’s like Game of Thrones in your car without pictures. ¬†Also, given recent events on earth, I wanted to return...

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Does Donald Trump have no sense of humor?

Seriously, though. I’ve only covered one Comedy Central Roast live in person, and that happened to be the 2011 Roast of Donald Trump, since he insisted it take place in Manhattan, instead of Southern California, where Comedy Central usually toasts its roast victims. Trump was a lousy guest of honor, and pretty much proves himself time and again to be a louse. As “Roastmaster General” Jeff Ross observed on Wednesday night’s Conan, looking back on that roast, he had to remind Trump to smile and have a good time. And of course, Trump didn’t enjoy Ross’s barbs pointing out...

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