Day: December 12, 2016

IFC will begin airing Comedy Crib webseries shorts in late-late overnight TV slot

IFC has hosted webseries for the past several years as part of a project called Comedy Crib. Today, the cable TV network announced not only two new webseries for it, but also a half-hour time slot on TV. Comedy Crib: The Show will debut at 4 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016, with new episodes airing weekly thereafter. IFC’s Comedy Crib includes 30 different webseries that’ll contribute shorts to the weekly half-hour TV show, including Sound Advice with Vanessa Bayer, sketch group Women, Funny People Reading Books, Faeries, Bottled, and Boxed In. starring comedian Amy York Rubin, and many more will air in...

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A closer look at “A Closer Look” on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers debuted on Feb. 24, 2014, but the Meyers edition of NBC’s late-late talk show — following in the footsteps of David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon — didn’t start to find its own footing until he first ditched the stand-up monologue to open the show from behind his desk instead. That change felt familiar to Meyers, hearkening back to his previous gig as Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live. Meyers’s Late Night really took off, though, once he began delivering regular installments of “A Closer Look.” In this cover story today from...

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Humor In Hindsight: My new column at

Hi friends and followers. I’ve launched a brand-new column over at An explanation? Alrighty then! Our favorite movies and music we can go back to whenever we want to find comfort, solace or escape. Comedians do that for us, too, in the here and now – although comedy, unlike other performing arts, doesn’t always hold up the same over time. Some jokes reference fleeting fads that make little sense decades later. Some work once or twice but lose their impact upon repeated listening. Some pushed envelopes then, but don’t seem so edgy or revolutionary now that everyone else...

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Here are your comedy (and musical) nominees for the 74th annual Golden Globes

Look. We all get caught up in awards season, no matter how relevant or ridiculous the award or the process by which they award them. With that in mind, your annual reminder that the Golden Globes have become an annual ritual, and it’s all controlled by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, critics and junket journalists alike who share one common trait: They’re not from America. Over the years, their tendencies have favored both newcomers and A-list celebrities. They enjoy celebrating people who haven’t been celebrated elsewhere, as well as nominating the super-famous so they will show up at the...

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Episode #128: Sinbad

There’s only one Sinbad the Sailor in fictional lore, and only one Sinbad worth knowing about in the funny business. There really is nobody quite like him, and we’ve seen it since he broke through in a big way on Star Search in the 1980s, through his role on the NBC Cosby spin-off sitcom, A Different World, through hosting It’s Showtime at the Apollo, through four separate HBO specials in the 1990s, and even through a short-lived reality series on WE TV and even a round with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice more recently. He seems to be winging...

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