Day: October 21, 2016

R.I.P. Kevin Meaney (1956-2016)

One of the brightest lights in any comedy club over four separate decades, Kevin Meaney has died suddenly and tragically. Meaney was 60. It’s at once both flippant and altogether appropriate to respond to the news with one of Meaney’s classic bits: “That’s not right.” Meaney’s agent confirmed that the comedian was found dead in his home in Forestburgh, N.Y. An autopsy is pending. Born April 23, 1956, Meaney grew up in Westchester County, originally from White Plains, then graduating from Valhalla High School, and attending SUNY Morrisville, before moving to San Francisco and later Boston, where he really...

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Review: Wanda Sykes in “What Happened…Ms. Sykes?” on EPIX

Before she ever started stand-up comedy, Wanda Sykes worked as a contractor for the NSA and hyphenated her last name to include her husband’s surname. Now she’s married to a French woman and raising two white children. So Sykes literally sets about answering the question posed by the title of her new stand-up special for EPIX, What Happened…Ms. Sykes? “I’m trying to figure it out,” she says. “Like how the fuck did I get here?!” “Don’t get me wrong. I’m the happiest I’m ever been,” Sykes tells the audience at The Ace Hotel’s theater in Los Angeles. But it’s not...

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Watch Chris Cubas join the 1% for one month on “Chris Gets Money” on Fusion

In the 1985 film, Brewster’s Millions, Richard Pryor plays a minor-league ballplayer who’s offered a challenge of spending $30 million in 30 days to inherit a $300 million windfall from a deceased relative. The stakes in Chris Gets Money aren’t quite that high. Fusion’s new comedy documentary takes Austin-based stand-up Chris Cubas, who has to work as a bouncer to help make ends meet, and gives him $30,000 to spend in 30 days. It’s all in an effort to explore income inequality — the chasm between rich and poor, between the haves and have-nots — that has become a...

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Episode #118: Joe Rogan

You first saw Joe Rogan on the classic NBC sitcom NewsRadio, then later as host of the competition show Fear Factor. Now not only can you see him commentating on UFC fights, but also hear and see him on his hit podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. His latest stand-up special, Triggered, is exclusively out now on Netflix. Rogan recounts the key moments in his career, from making the leap of teaching taekwondo to stand-up comedy in Boston in the late 1980s, to surviving his first failed sitcom experience in Los Angeles, lessons learned from an infamous takedown of Carlos...

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