Day: October 7, 2016

Scenes from the 2016 All Jane Comedy Festival

I’m staying in a 1960s trailer in a backyard with free bicycle rentals, looking over a fence at an abandoned gas station converted into a food truck pod, and down the block sits In Other Words bookstore, with its front-window sign boasting it’s a safe space that will not condone offensive talk or action. Do I need to tell you I’m in Portland? Do I need to specify which Portland? I’m here to cover the All Jane Comedy Festival, and recording a podcast Saturday afternoon with Page Hurwitz (the executive producer of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, among her many...

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Larry the Cable Guy breaks fan’s arm during arm wrestling challenge

Git R Done, indeed. Larry the Cable Guy was enjoying last Saturday’s University of Nebraska football game when a fan challenged him to arm-wrestle. The fan, an Army vet, and Larry wrestled using their left arms in a luxury suite at the stadium. And then the fan’s forearm snapped when Larry finally won. The fan got surgery, and Larry told the rest of his fans on Thursday: “I’m retiring from arm wrestling after this. Warning: Don’t watch if yer squeamish.” Indeed. Roll the clip (via...

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Kyle Kinane on Conan

Kyle Kinane is still loving life, even if he loves it so much it’s making him unhealthy. Perhaps when the aliens come, they will save us all. Or at least Kinane. This is his latest stand-up set on Conan. Roll the clip! Kinane has a new Comedy Central special, “Loose in Chicago,” airing Oct. 15, 2016, with the hour available on video and audio the following week. LOOSE IN CHICAGO TRACKLISTING 1. Beef 2. Water 3. Salt 4. Corn Syrup 5. Dextrose 6. Mustard 7. Natural Flavorings And Coloring 8. Garlic Juice 9. Sodium Erythortbate 10. Sodium Nitrite 11....

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