Day: September 16, 2016

Review: Doug Stanhope, “No Place Like Home” (Seeso)

Doug Stanhope‘s new hour of stand-up comedy is so great, I officially signed up for Seeso. Here are a couple of money quotes from Stanhope’s new hour. In which he considers ISIS a threat. To his comedy. “I’ve never felt threatened by any comedian. I’ve never had a comedic rival that worried me. If you’re into the weird s— that I do, I’m the only guy selling. It’s a very small, niche fan base of weird people that’ll fly from all over the world to come and sit in 150 seats. Jeff Dunham and Peanut is playing across the...

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Review: Cedric The Entertainer’s “Live from the Ville” (Netflix)

After talking with Cedric the Entertainer yesterday, I’ve followed up with a formal review of his Netflix special. Here’s an excerpt: Cedric manages to balance the light material and the more serious topics in his act, and breaking into song allows him to segue seamlessly between the two moods. From celebrities in jail to black men getting shot, from calling up Steve Harvey when he messed up while hosting Miss Universe, to defending his fellow O.G. comedy “king” when he invited Paula Deen on his talk show. From a funny bit about how the Southern accent confused Cedric enough...

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Behold the aborted animated TV pilot for “Power Moves” starring Karl Welzein (@DadBoner)

In 2014, Comedy Central ordered an animated pilot for Power Moves, based on the book of the same title, that was based on the Twitter feed of @DadBoner, aka Karl Welzein, aka comedian Mike Burns. Comedy Central passed on the pilot. But today, it’s here for you to watch and enjoy. Featuring the voices of Gary Cole, Dan Bakkedahl, Jane Lynch, Guy Fieri, Maria Bamford, Kim Coates, Judy Greer, Misty Lee, Tim Long, and Mike Burns. Yes, Guy Fieri. It gets bloody, bloody funny and NSFW. Roll it if you got...

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A&E orders reality series following 11-year-old comedian Saffron Herndon

Saffron Herndon signed up for her school’s orchestra today. That would’ve been the biggest news for most any 11-year-old. But we also learned today that A&E will broadcast a 10-episode reality series following her exploits away from school as Saffy follows her dreams of a career in stand-up comedy. She’s not the tween comedian to make the big time. Earlier this summer, Lori Mae Hernandez turned 13 while competing in primetime into the semifinals of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. AGT this summer also featured a 6-year-old would-be comedian! Ellen DeGeneres is executive producing Little Funny, which will premiere on A&E...

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