Day: September 15, 2016

Mike DeStefano’s posthumous stand-up comedy album, “Puppies & Heroin,” to be released on SiriusXM

The late great Mike DeStefano will get some posthumous love thanks to a new stand-up comedy CD, “Puppies & Heroin.” It’ll get a sneak preview debut on Friday thanks to SiriusXM, with a full play starting at 5 p.m. EDT on SiriusXM Raw Dog Comedy channel 99, with interviews about DeStefano with the likes of Rich Vos, Eugene Mirman, Robert Kelly, Bonnie McFarlane, Kurt Metzger and Mike Vecchione, followed by a full play of the record at 7. And here’s the track listing: Minnesota Nice Race Relations A Bad Deal Horrifying Things Retail Therapy Talk to the Kids That’s...

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Cedric The Entertainer with the low down on The Comedy Get Down and his new Netflix special, “Live From the Ville”

Cedric The Entertainer already has spent a couple of hours on the phone, waking up before dawn, before ringing me up to promote his new Netflix stand-up special, Live from the Ville. “In between I’ve been teaching Spanish to a bunch of British kids!” Ced joked. How does he find the time? Or perhaps more appropriately, is this all just in preparation for his body clock to adjust to more guest hosting (or potentially permanently co-hosting) LIVE with Kelly Ripa? “Everybody’s been asking me about that,” he said, adding that he does feel he has good chemistry with Ripa. “I...

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Mary Mack on Conan

Watch Mary Mack earn “the worst applause break in history” during her stand-up performance on Wednesday’s Conan. Those are Mack’s words! And she cracks Conan O’Brien up while doing so, as she also joked about performing in Los Angeles, the weirdness of San Francisco residents claiming “the Bay Area,” and how a clarinet can help you if you ever hit a deer. She’s from “The Woods,” but she’s here now. You can hear Mary Mack tell me all about her life and career in Episode #43 of my podcast, Last Things First. In the meantime…roll the...

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