Day: August 31, 2016

Matt Farley performs “Used to be a Pizza Hut” as Papa Razzi and the Photogs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Matt Farley has written more than 18,000 songs in the past eight years, but his biggest performance came Tuesday night when Jimmy Fallon took up the “Suggestion Box” offer of a gig by Papa Razzi and the Photogs. So here was Farley performing his song, “Used to be a Pizza Hut.” It’s self-explanatory. As most of his short ditties are. Farley even wrote a song about me! Back in 2011, he emailed me to let me know his song, “Sean L. McCarthy, You Are The Comic’s Comic” was on iTunes as one of the 92 tracks (92 tracks!!)...

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Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey almost starred in a sitcom set behind the scenes of SNL, years before 30 Rock

Years before 30 Rock hit NBC and won all of the Emmys, Dino Stamatopoulos, Stephen Colbert, Scott Adsit, Robert Smigel and Michael Stoyanov wrote a sitcom pilot in the 1990s starring themselves and a then-unknown Tina Fey, set behind the scenes of a show much like Saturday Night Live. This has to be heard to be believed. And soon enough, you shall be able to listen to it! Because for the first time, all of those people — plus Louis CK, Andy Dick, Jeff B. Davis and Michael Stoyanov — gathered onstage Tuesday night City Winery in New York City to...

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Tommy Johnagin on The Late Late Show with James Corden

There’s something so assured, so steady about Tommy Johnagin onstage. The guy’s a joke murderer, with clinical precision, striking time and time again, even if the material seems too “edgy” for a TV audience. Such was the case again Tuesday night, as Johnagin performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden, joking about how his favorite daughter taught him something about his second daughter, about how his kids already try to order like adults at restaurants, and why it was a bad idea for doctors to allow him into the delivery room to watch them be born. This may...

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Dan Naturman on Conan

Dan Naturman returned to Conan on Tuesday night, once more a new uncle, fresh with jokes about how much simpler a job being an uncle is than a father. Especially to just not be bad at it. Naturman also joked about the difference between texting a potential mate and calling one up for a date, and he blew holes in the arguments for moving to a state where marijuana is legal. He’s originally from the 1970s, but he’s time-traveled his way all the way to today. You can hear Naturman on The Comedy Cellar Show, taped weekly at the...

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