Day: August 26, 2016

Two-fer-one gitting-r-done: Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy team up for Netflix stand-up special

They’re called the “Blue Collar” comedians, even though there’s very little blue-collar about telling jokes for a living and making millions of dollars at it. And yet, onstage, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy remain so gosh darn likable. Like your suburban white dad and your dad’s best friend or crazy brother. Not a drunk uncle. Larry (Dan Whitney) doesn’t give off that vibe, exactly. In Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking… — now available to stream on Netflix — they’ve teamed up for a 75-minute special showcasing their stand-up separately, but also equally. Foxworthy has traded his “You...

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Listen to this previously unreleased George Carlin track, “Rats & Squealers”

If you see something, don’t say something to the police. That’s just how this previously unreleased track from a George Carlin performance in 2001 starts!  “You don’t help the police,” Carlin says at the start of “Rats & Squealers,” which is now part of the first posthumous Carlin record, coming out next month. “When I was a kid and we went to the movies, we rooted against the police. Against the police and for the crooks.” As with many classic Carlin stand-up routines, his philosophical musings could have been said today in 2016 just as easily — if not...

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Matteo Lane on Late Night with Seth Meyers

How many stand-up comedians open their sets with operatic singing? Matteo Lane, that’s who. Lane used his vocals to voice his sexuality to his father, as he jokes opening his set Thursday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers. As if you were still questioning him after hearing his voice. Which he also jokes about, as he explained trying to audition for different TV roles that required a deeper kind of sound. Even if he has what he describes as “deli face.” Roll the...

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