Day: August 17, 2016

Reductress devotes front page to rape satire

If you’re a comedian or Facebook friends with a comedian, undoubtedly your Facebook News Feed has seen a flood of statuses about rape, rape culture, social media justice, police and prosecution effectiveness versus lynch mobs, mansplaining, White Knighting and more in the past five days. As a journalist covering comedy, I generally stay away from the offstage problems facing comedians — whether they be victims or perpetrators, abusers or the abused. I have weighed in on my personal page from time to time, including this time, to offer my own thoughts about dealing with these personal dilemmas as they...

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George Carlin’s 9/10/2001 joke about rooting for natural disasters, and more, on new posthumous release: “I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die”

The estate of the late George Carlin, headed up by his daughter Kelly Carlin, has, as she told friends overnight: “We found some stuff.” Kelly Carlin previously told The Comic’s Comic about sifting through her father’s massive collection of notes and recordings for stuff that his fans might enjoy in a new light since he died in 2008. This new LP, “I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die,” certainly qualifies. It includes this bit, recorded on Sept. 10, 2001, and now titled “Uncle Dave,” in which George Carlin fantasized about turning on the news to hear a...

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Larry Wilmore talks about his surprising cancellation by Comedy Central

Larry Wilmore built his Nightly Show on Comedy Central around the concept of “Keeping it 100,” and in the final week of shows on TV, Wilmore has made that even more evident — not only by ditching the idea of producing new segments Tuesday night (joking that he and his staff got into all of the wine gifted to them by fellow Daily Show alum Samantha Bee), but also by talking about the abruptness of it all in separate interviews with Charlie Rose and with Vulture. Wilmore told Vulture’s Jesse David Fox that he had no idea Comedy Central...

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