Month: July 2016

Adam Grabowski impresses with America’s Got Talent audition but gets X’d by Simon Cowell at Judges Cut

Adam Grabowski received four yes votes from the America’s Got Talent judges during his 2016 audition as just shown last week, but during tonight’s Judges Cut round, Grabowski claimed they didn’t even air his full bit that he does performing at college campuses. Roll the clips. This was from Grabowski’s audition. And this is his “Food Perv” bit he does normally. Simon Cowell pushed his X buzzer during Grabowski’s routine tonight....

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Episode #103: Live from DCM18 at the Del Close Marathon

The annual Del Close Marathon brings the founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade together along with thousands of performers from around the world, celebrating their late improv guru Del Close by improvising comedy shows around the clock for a three-day-and-night weekend. In its 18th year, the UCB4 – Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh – opened the proceedings with a legitimate press conference, which allowed me to ask questions not only of them, but also to founding member and Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz, plus actor John Gemberling, TV marathoner and Snapchat wizard Gil Ozeri,...

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Aparna Nancherla on Conan

Aparna Nancherla returned to Conan the other night, and she has a problem with pills. Well, not so much the pills, but how it looks if you happen to drop them on the floor or street. That’s very problematic. Perhaps she’d be helped by trying a different dating website. Or inspiring regulation against allowing real models to walk the streets freely. Roll the...

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