Month: July 2016

Episode #104: Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan co-stars in a new series on A&E he created with Sherrod Small called Black and White, where over the course of the first eight episodes, they’ll deconstruct today’s headlines through the humorous prism of race relations. Finnegan and Small cracked wise about less serious matters for years as part of VH1’s Best Week Ever. Christian talks to me about finding his way into stand-up comedy, how Jim Gaffigan provided him with an early break — Finnegan serves as a consultant and frequently guest stars on Gaffigan’s TV land series. Perhaps Christian’s earliest big break came by appearing...

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Bonnie McFarlane on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On Friday’s episode of The Late Show, Bonnie McFarlane compared what it’s like for her own 8-year-old daughter to grow up now compared to life for girls back when McFarlane was one. One thing’s for certain: McFarlane is going to give her daughter a much richer vocabulary. Roll the clip! You can hear McFarlane share her actual life story with me in Episode #73 of my podcast, Last Things First, right...

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68th Emmy Awards nominees in comedy

In this era of Peak TV/Too Much TV, how will the Emmys appropriately recognize the most deserving shows? We’re starting to find out today with the release of the 68th Emmy Awards nominees. I’m personally excited the Emmys finally got wise to FX’s The Americans, even if it is a drama, it’s one of the most exciting ones on TV not involving dragons. There is plenty of sex, though! OK. I know, I know, this is a comedy site. If you’re sad that The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend didn’t get included in Best Comedy, be glad they did get nominated for...

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Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle presents its all-star lineup of judges and combatants for Comedy Central miniseries broadcast from Montreal’s Just For Laughs

Many thoughts about the forthcoming Comedy Central miniseries at the end of this month, but for now, just a few initial musings about plans for Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle, filming and airing over four straight nights at Just For Laughs in Montreal, culminating with a live finale. Billed last year as The Roastmasters Invitational, the battles became such a wildfire hit at JFL that even movie stars who happened to be filming in Montreal were clamoring for seats inside. Such a no-brainer, then, not only for Comedy Central to capture that magic in a bottle again this year,...

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Gary Gulman on Conan

What a master class of a TV stand-up set here, by my friend, Mr. Gary Gulman, on Wednesday’s Conan. Gulman takes the ridiculous notion of a Netflix documentary on the official U.S. Postal Service decision to create two-letter state abbreviations — which isn’t a thing, although it couldn’t dare compare with Gulman’s six-minute imaginary presentation of it. Such sharp, colorful writing. Add in Gulman’s timed asides into the camera. As Conan O’Brien himself said afterward, so smart. Roll the clip! You can hear Gulman and I talk at length about his comedy life and career in episode 99 of...

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