Day: July 23, 2016

Pregnant pause for punchlines: Ali Wong’s “Baby Cobra” (Netflix), Kira Soltanovich’s “You Did This To Me” (Amazon) and more experiences from comedy moms

We’ve all seen pregnant woman perform comedy before, even if the memory isn’t on instant recall for you. Saturday Night Live reminded us this past Mother’s Day with a primetime run from Mother’s Day past — circa 2011, hosted┬áby a then-pregnant Tina Fey and featuring also flush-with-baby SNL alum Maya Rudolph. SNL also boasted an all-time classic moment three years before that, just before the 2008 presidential elections when a┬áready-to-go-into-labor Amy Poehler rapped about Sarah Palin from the Weekend Update desk, in Palin’s face. And yet this year’s Mother’s Day seemed to provoke a fresh wave of headlines and...

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Cory Kahaney on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Cory Kahaney revealed to her audience on Friday’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert that she loves being a comedian, because heck, it’s not nearly a hard a job as many other people have — and in citing examples, managed to take swipes at both Trump and Clinton. Kahaney also found a way to defend “the 1 percent,” but only after getting an upgrade to first-class on an international flight, and described what it’s like to have a gay sister. It’s been quite a couple of weeks for Kahaney, too. She got a raw deal from America’s Got Talent, and...

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