Day: June 18, 2016

Watch David Letterman’s 2016 interview from Indianapolis with Tom Brokaw

NBC News had touted its big exclusive interview with David Letterman for broadcast this past Sunday, but pre-empted it to air a special report from Orlando instead following last weekend’s shooting massacre there. So Letterman’s interview with Tom Brokaw “On Assignment” for Dateline NBC finally aired last night. We got to see Letterman revisit the street outside his childhood home in Indianapolis, his high school, a local Steak ‘N Shake (the first and still only Steak ‘N Shake location in New York City opened a few years ago right next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre where Letterman filmed his...

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Book Excerpt: “Meet The Regulars” with Sasheer Zamata and Michelle Wolf, by Joshua D. Fischer

Joshua D. Fischer began interviewing famous fun and funny folksĀ for the blog, Bedford + Bowery. After talking to a couple dozen such people, Fischer decided to expand his project into a book. “Meet The Regulars” finds Fischer meeting people at their favorite spots in Brooklyn — 41 interviews, 123 photos, four illustrations and a map in all. Fischer’s collection of “Regulars” talking about their joints includes Andrew W.K., Seaton Smith, The Lucas Brothers, Jessica Pimentel, Kevin Corrigan and NY1’s Pat Kiernan. The book just came out, and is available wherever you buy books now. Here are two excerpts, featuring...

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