Day: June 1, 2016

Appreciating the taped musings of The Chris Gethard Show in season two on Fusion

The second season of the Fusion edition of The Chris Gethard Show comes to a close tonight with an epic wrestling match pitting Gethard against his nemesis Vacation Jason. Plus an appearance from Jon Hamm! And the extremely expensive visions of Julio Torres? Yes, TCGS was never an ordinary call-in talk show, and always an extraordinary one. This season, it’s even more extra. Fusion gave TCGS an extra half-hour. Gethard’s second season on Fusion not only has featured special guests such as Diddy (Sean Combs), Hamm, Colin Quinn, Lena Dunham, John Hodgman and John Starks, Pete Holmes, Jerrod Carmichael...

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Hanging out with Carrot Top in Las Vegas for VICE Canada

In case you missed it because you’re not Canadian, VICE Canada published a two-part series last week about the life of Carrot Top (Scott Thompson) onstage at the Luxor resort and casino in Las Vegas where he holds court with his trunks full of props and so much more, and then offstage to see what his life is like then. Jessica Pilot did the actual hanging out and shot the footage with Carrot Top, and shares it with us here at The Comic’s Comic now for you to enjoy, wherever you may be. Roll the clips!...

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A few thoughts about the Maya & Marty premiere on NBC

“What is this?” Both Martin Short and Kenan Thompson both asked variations on that question during the opening monologue for the debut episode Tuesday night of Maya & Marty on NBC. In short, it’s Saturday Night Live alums (mostly), performing in front of a live audience (but taped on Thursdays to air on Tuesdays), and lasts an hour instead of 90 minutes. But called it Tuesday Night Taped SNL All-Stars Reunion Specials doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, nor make for hashtag Tweeting, quite like Maya & Marty does. “The show is going to be comedy, music and special guests,”...

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You still won’t see George Carlin’s hologram performing at the National Comedy Center

Would you settle for Bernie Mac, Redd Foxx, Dean Martin and Andy Kaufman? The Hollywood Reporter reported tonight that a hologram of the late, great George Carlin would perform as a key piece of the soon-to-open National Comedy Center museum in Jamestown, N.Y., quoting the museum’s chief curator, The Comedians author Kliph Nesteroff. Nesteroff told THR: “The main gimmick to bring people to Jamestown — which you may imagine is not an easy thing to convince people to do — is the George Carlin hologram. So they’re building this fake comedy club in one corner and George will be onstage,...

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