Day: April 11, 2016

The CW rebooting MADtv with new cast as primetime series, but there’s also another new MAD show in the works!

The CW’s MADtv 20th anniversary reunion special this January wasn’t a one-off. Far from it! The network announced today it has ordered eight new hours of the sketch comedy series, to air in primetime, with a brand-new cast and guest hosts provided by the old MADtv guard from when it aired on FOX from 1995-2008. David E. Salzman, executive producer on the original MADtv, returns to showrun the new version. “The ‘MADtv’ franchise is as vibrant as ever thanks largely to social and digital media appealing to a fan base numbering in the millions that relates to the show’s brand...

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Class Photo: Women in Comedy in New York City, 2016

The idea, simple enough: Gather as many women in New York City comedy together in one place for a class photo. More than 200 showed up on a cold, rainy Saturday to Littlefield in Brooklyn. The result, palpable. Mindy Tucker, who’s tracked and photographed NYC comedians for the past decade, and whose work defines many of their Facebook profile photos, told The Comic’s Comic about the moment when she saw these hundreds of funny women, comedy avengers all assembled. “I was overwhelmed,” Tucker told me. “I had not, in any way, thought about standing in front of everyone all...

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Episode #80: Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo is, was and shall ever be a comedy darling. She broke through in a big way in 1992, performing on one of the all-time lineups for an HBO Young Comedians Special and co-starring in both The Ben Stiller Show and The Larry Sanders Show. Over the next few years, she also racked up big-screen roles in Reality Bites, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, The Cable Guy, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Mystery Men and Wet Hot American Summer. After a period on the radio with Air America, Garofalo’s more recent credits have included 24, Delocated, Broad...

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