Day: March 10, 2016

Here are your teases for FOX’s Party Over Here

FOX’s new entry into Saturday-night sketch comedy, the half-hour Party Over Here, debuts this weekend, and the first video teases let you know it’s a very theatrical effort. Nicole Byer, Jessica McKenna and Alison Rich come from theater backgrounds at UCB and elsewhere, and their TV sketches often play out much like you’d imagine seeing a sketch show in a theater, instead of how you’re used to seeing them on TV. Except it’s happening. On a small stage. Sometimes with the live audience participating. Producers Paul Scheer and The Lonely Island also explain (without mansplaining) their intentions. Party Over...

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John Early separates character from caricature in his special for The Characters on Netflix

It becomes painfully clear to everyone around John Early in his 35-minute special for The Characters series on Netflix that the comedian and actor has control issues, whether he’s constantly interrupting the woman he’s coaxing into telling her George W. Bush story, shushing everyone at his wedding rehearsal dinner, or even later, going to extremes to keep the focus on him. Is it clear to Early that he might also have control issues in real life, though? “That’s such a good question,” Early told The Comic’s Comic in an interview earlier this week to promote his special, which debuts...

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Episode #71: Grace Parra

Grace Parra has broken out as a star contributor and panelist for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore since she joined the late-night Comedy Central talker in November 2015. But Parra thought she might just as well have enjoyed a career behind the scenes as a sitcom writer, or perhaps as the star of her own late-night talk show. The Houston native did, after all, briefly co-host the misnamed-on-purpose White Guy* Talk Show on Fuse. Even before all that, though, Parra’s early New York City experiences included performing with and even rooming with fellow future comedy stars at Columbia...

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