Day: February 26, 2016

This is Stand-Up: Eddie Pepitone

How can you deal with depressing and dark subject matter and still find the laughs? Eddie Pepitone, describing his own views on comedy with Jessica Pilot in the latest installment of her webseries, “This is Stand-Up,” says he feels like a blue-collar worker clocking in for the night, except he’s searching for magical moments on the job. “I’m always reaching for this kind of ecstasy. You know? This kind of comedic ecstasy and sometimes it happens,” Pepitone says. “There are times when you’re like, ‘Holy shit! That crowd.’ Especially when I go out on the road, you know, and...

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Review: Theo Von, “No Offense” on Netflix

Theo Von is a “reality TV” star who decided he wanted to be a stand-up comedian, and still, all these years later, he seems he’s still playing by the old cliche rule of “not here to make friends.” His first full stand-up special, No Offense, debuted today on Netflix. I wrote a review of it for, and nope, not impressed. To the point where I can only compare Von to Donald Trump, because is the entire act a big joke on us? Here’s an excerpt: I would have loved to hear at least another 10-to-15 minutes about that...

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Watch the debut segments of History Channel’s late-night comedy “Night Class”

The History Channel debuted its late-night short-form comedy anthology, Night Class, last night with segments from “The Crossroads of History” and “Great Minds with Dan Harmon.” The first “Crossroads” imagines the seminal moment when Adolf Hitler applied for and got rejected by art school in Vienna for the last time — before he entered politics and tried to simultaneously conquer the world and kill all the Jews. Before World War II and the Holocaust. Yeah, those things. Here’s Josh Fadem as a young Hitler, with Paul Scheer and Elizabeth Shapiro as the art school tribunal. And in “Great Minds...

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